Whatever Happened To Harry Hill?. Image shows from L to R: Big Brother Alan (Al Murray), Harry Hill. Copyright: Lucky Features.

Whatever Happened To Harry Hill?

Channel 4 sitcom. 1 episode in 2012. Stars Harry Hill, Al Murray, Matt Bradstock, Burt Kwouk, Steve Bowditch, Paul Burling, Kevin Hudson and others.

Whatever Happened To Harry Hill?

A one-off show hosted by Harry Hill, looking back at his Channel 4 sketch series

Channel 4
Harry Hill, Al Murray, Matt Bradstock, Burt Kwouk, Steve Bowditch, Paul Burling, Kevin Hudson, Dave Thompson and others
Harry Hill
Harry Hill
Adrian Sturges

In 1999 Channel 4's Harry Hill show - loved by thousands - was cancelled amid public outcry and rancour. Star and writer of the show Harry Hill has not spoken to the Badgers, his Big Brother Alan, Son Alan, Burt Kwouk or any of the original cast since.

As Channel 4 celebrates its 30th birthday the Harry Hill gang look back at the series, work out where it all went wrong and see if they can put their differences behind them to reunite for one last Reunion Special.

This specially commissioned (spoof) documentary investigates the rise and fall of The Harry Hill Show, which originally ran for three series on Channel 4. The programme talks to the surviving members of the cast and the reclusive floppy-collared genius who created it.

We learn of Harry Hill's addiction to oily fish and how he used to beat the cast with a stick to get them to do things (a bit like the Orangutan on Every Which Way But Loose). We uncover details of Brother Alan's secret affair with Tasmin Archer Badger and Burt Kwouk's dislike of Harry's singing voice.

Production Details

Part of

Channel 4's Funny Fortnight

Production company
Also known as
  • Harry Hill: The Reunion (Working title)
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 23rd August 2012 on Channel 4 at 9pm
Episode length
1 hour
Last repeat
Thursday 30th August 2012 at 12:55am on 4seven