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Felix & Murdo. Image shows from L to R: Murdo (Alexander Armstrong), Felix (Ben Miller). Copyright: Objective Productions / Toff Media.

Felix & Murdo

Felix & Murdo

New sitcom pilot starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller set in 1908, the year the Olympics first came to London

Channel 4
1 Pilot
Ben Miller, Alexander Armstrong, Georgia King, Katy Wix, Marek Larwood, Jonathan Coy, Pippa Haywood, Lizzie Roper and others
Simon Nye
Christine Gernon
Ben Farrell and Saskia Schuster

Felix and Murdo is a studio-based sitcom starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. Set in 1908, the year the Olympics first came to London, we see the modern men and best friends Murdo and Felix indulge in a spree of drink and drugs whilst simultaneously competing in the Olympics with no training whatsoever.

Although originally produced as part of the Comedy Showcase season, this pilot was held back until the winter to form part of Channel 4's festive programming. C4's Nerys Evans told Broadcast: "Felix and Murdo combines Ben and Xanders wonderful chemistry with Simon Nye's fantastic writing. It's a brilliantly funny treat for Christmas on C4."

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