Shane Richie.

The Taylors

BBC Radio 2 sitcom about a family. 1 pilot in 2018. Stars Shane Richie, Hannah Waddingham, Ella Kenion, Kirsty J Curtis and others.

The Taylors

Radio comedy about fun-loving nouveau riche family

BBC Radio 2
1 Pilot
Shane Richie, Hannah Waddingham, Ella Kenion, Kirsty J Curtis, Jack Bence and Nicholas Burns
Simon Carlyle
Tom Jordan

A sitcom about a fun-loving nouveau riche couple, Gary and Melissa, and their noisy family who've recently relocated to a middle class street in Watford.

Gary is a child of the 80s / 90s. Loves a pint, loves a sunbed, loves the birds. He's always been a good looker and, although he really loves his partner Melissa, he struggles to keep his natural tendency to flirt in check.

We follow Gary and Melissa and their kids as they adjust to life in their new neighbourhood. They're not mixing with the aristocracy but they are in quite a middle class area so there's a marked difference between Gary and Melissa and their new neighbours...

In this episode Gary and Melissa host a house warming party for their new neighbours but things don't go to plan.

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