We Joined The Navy. Image shows left to right: Lieutenant Commander Robert 'Bodger' Badger (Kenneth More), Carol (Joan O'Brien). Credit: STUDIOCANAL
We Joined The Navy

We Joined The Navy

  • 1962 film

Lieutenant Commander 'Bodger' Badger takes three young recruits under his wing, but they've a lot to learn before making it in the navy. Stars Kenneth More, Lloyd Nolan, Joan O'Brien, Mischa Auer, Kenneth Griffith and more.

We Joined The Navy. Credit: STUDIOCANAL

Key details

Kenneth More, Lloyd Nolan, Joan O'Brien, Mischa Auer, Kenneth Griffith, Denise Warren, Robin Hawdon, Alexis Kanner and more
John Winton and Arthur Dales
Wendy Toye
Daniel M. Angel and Vivian Cox

Bright, talented and capable, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Badger has a habit of finding himself in hot water after saying the right thing at the wrong time - usually correcting, and thereby embarrassing, one or more of his seniors. Finding himself posted from ship to shore as a result, he eventually ends up at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, involved in the selection and training of new recruits, where his skills, sense of fairness and reason are soon put to good use.

Amongst the latest intake, he singles out Midshipmen Dewberry, Bowles and Carson as having particular qualities to foster in the making of a good future officer in Her Majesty's service. However, it is not long before he again finds himself on the wrong end of a higher-ranking official and is sent somewhere his superiors hope he will no longer bother them: on attachment to the U.S. 5th Fleet, under Admiral Blake, currently stationed off the south coast of France - and all three of his young protégés are to join him!

Before they've even arrived with their new crewmates, the quartet manage to make a particular impression on the Admiral; and a not entirely positive one at that. The Midshipmen are quickly despatched into various roles (none of which they are especially suited for), leaving Bodger to watch their backs and invariably clean up their mess. But still: the makings of three good officers are in there somewhere ... aren't they?!

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UK certificate
109 minutes


Associated British Film Distribution

Camera set-up
Single camera

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  • Saturday 16th October 2021 at 12:00pm on TPTV
  • Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 9:00pm on TPTV
  • Friday 25th December 2020 at 7:45am on TPTV

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  • Associated British Elstree Studios - Studios
  • Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth

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