Do Not Go Mental. Brendan Pendry (Sean Carlsen).

Do Not Go Mental

Do Not Go Mental

Short mockumentary film parody of the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, through his (fictional) contemporary, Brendan Pendry

Sean Carlsen, Russell Gomer, Boyd Clack, Ray Llewellyn, Jan Wierszylowski and Rachel Tudor Best
Sean Carlsen and Rob Finighan
Rob Finighan
Sean Carlsen and Rob Finighan

Mockumentary examining the life of controversial Welsh poet Brendan Pendry, an underrated genius and contemporary of Dylan Thomas.

Co-writer and star Sean Carlsen says: "I have always been a huge admirer of Dylan Thomas's work, and upon the centenary I thought it would be a good idea to put together a 'mockumentary' doing for poetry what Spinal Tap did for rock and roll. We want to honour his life with humour, something I really think he would have enjoyed.

"Although it's a spoof, the film is an affectionate tribute and specific shots from the film are inspired by Dylan Thomas's work, photographs of him, and more. We hope people see that and enjoy what we've produced."

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