Playing The Moldovans At Tennis. Tony (Tony Hawks). Copyright: Tony Hawks Productions.

Playing The Moldovans At Tennis

Playing The Moldovans At Tennis

Film by Tony Hawks, based on the true story of a bet involving playing and beating the entire Moldovan national football team at tennis

Tony Hawks, Anatol Durbala, Stephen Frost, Igor Babiac, Ana Chirita, Silvia Luca, Viorel Cornescu, Ina Surdu and others
Tony Hawks
Tony Hawks and Mikolaj Jaroszewicz
Mikolaj Jaroszewicz and Tony Hawks

Playing The Moldovans At Tennis is based on the best-selling book by Tony Hawks.

Tony, a successful and somewhat complacent writer, makes a bizarre bet with a friend that he can play and beat the entire Moldovan national football team at tennis, one by one.

Tony believes the task will be relatively easy and has a cunning plan to use the adventure as material for a next book. However, upon arriving in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, he discovers the task will be more challenging than expected, as he encounters uncooperative football managers, gangsters, corruption and poverty.

Despite these trials, Tony's understanding of the country and its problems grow. He develops a strong bond with the family he is lodging with and an unconventional and, at times, downright awkward relationship with Lulian, his translator - a relationship that mirrors the clash of their starkly differing cultures.

As the story unfolds, Tony's desire not to let the family down, particularly ten year old Elena, becomes more important than winning the bet itself.

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