Doll & Em. Image shows from L to R: Doll (Dolly Wells), Em (Emily Mortimer)
Doll & Em

Doll & Em

  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic / Sky Living
  • 2014 - 2015
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom in which English actress Emily Mortimer heads to Hollywood, closely followed by best friend Dolly Wells as her assistant. Stars Dolly Wells, Emily Mortimer, Jonathan Cake, Aaron Himelstein, Olivia Wilde and Evan Rachel Wood

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2014 - 2015
Sky Atlantic, Sky Living
12 (2 series)
Dolly Wells, Emily Mortimer, Jonathan Cake, Aaron Himelstein, Olivia Wilde and Evan Rachel Wood
Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells and Azazel Jacobs
Azazel Jacobs
Alessandro Nivola, Stacia Peters, Kevin Fitzmaurice Comer, Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells, Azazel Jacobs, Andrew Eaton and Lucy Lumsden

Doll & Em is an original six-part comedy series created by and starring Emily Mortimer and her real-life best friend, Dolly Wells.

A semi-improvised piece, the series explores what happens when a Hollywood actress hires her childhood friend to be her personal assistant while making a film in Los Angeles.

A bittersweet tale painting a funny and intimate portrait of female friendship, Doll & Em sees Wells and Mortimer play fictional versions of themselves. This pastiche of friendship set amidst the backdrop of the glossy world of Hollywood packs a warm entertainment punch, whilst delivering important emotional truths across the series.

When things don't work out between Doll and her boyfriend, there's no-one the London-based waitress would rather turn to than her best pal, Em. Friends since childhood, they're there for each other through thick and thin, despite now living thousands of miles apart thanks to Em's glittering movie career. Arriving in LA for some much-needed TLC, Doll becomes Em's assistant to help her out while she's making her biggest film yet. Em claims it's just a title, though: Doll won't actually have to do any work.

Being Em's assistant soon proves to be less straightforward than it first appeared. With ever more demands being made of her, Doll finds herself having more in common with the crew than her lifelong friend. And as Doll enjoys a romantic liaison with Em's producer, Em begins to feel increasingly alienated, not to mention overwhelmed by her demanding film role. With their friendship becoming more complicated than either of them could have ever imagined, it seems that Doll and Em's relationship might not be so unbreakable after all.

Series 2: Doll and Em prepare to take on Broadway. But it's not long before they're tackling the pitfalls of curtain calls on the Big Apple's famous stage.

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Friendships. Film Stars. Faux Pas.

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First broadcast
Tuesday 18th February 2014 at 10pm on Sky Living
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