San Ferry Ann. Image shows from L to R: Hiker Girl (Barbara Windsor), Ship's Officer (Paul Grist)
San Ferry Ann

San Ferry Ann

  • 1965 film

Sound-effect comedy following various groups of Brits travelling from Dover to Calais on holiday. Stars David Lodge, Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, Barbara Windsor, Rodney Bewes and more.

  • Repeated Monday 24th June at 4:05pm on TPTV
San Ferry Ann. Image shows from L to R: Grandma (Lynne Carol), Grandad (Wilfrid Brambell), Mum (Joan Sims), Gendarme (Graham Stark), Dad With Pom-Pom Hat (David Lodge), Gardener (Thomas Gallagher)

Key details

David Lodge, Joan Sims, Ronnie Stevens, Barbara Windsor, Rodney Bewes, Catherine Feller, Wilfrid Brambell, Ron Moody and more
Bob Kellett
Jeremy Summers
Bob Kellett and John G. Berry

Each sailing of the Dover to Calais ferry takes with it a host of British holidaymakers, eager to enjoy the fruits and alien cultures of the continent, and the latest departure is no different.

A husband and wife with their own parents are setting out aboard their reliable Dormobile (reliable that is, except for its consistently punctured wheels); a pair of young lovers are embarking on a dirty weekend of romance; young parents are taking their brood away in a shiny new Mini; and an unlikely looking young couple are travelling to France on foot, to hike and camp in nature.

Arriving in France, the disparate groups begin to go their own ways with varied success! Dormobile Grandad meets a German traveller and the once-adversaries spark up an unlikely friendship, whilst the camping couple seem to be drifting apart.

Mum and Dad from the Dormobile endeavour to enjoy some time alone but the curious French customs (not to mention the presence of Grandma) keep getting in their way; and the young lovers ensconce themselves into a nearby hotel.

Amidst the varied commotion these travellers are causing, it looks set to be a rather busy few days for the local gendarme!

Additional details

UK certificate
55 minutes
UK release
July 1965

British Lion

Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

Next repeats
  1. Monday 24th June at 4:05pm on TPTV
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  • Saturday 16th March 2024 at 3:35pm on TPTV
  • Saturday 18th November 2023 at 7:45am on TPTV
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Recording details

  • Dover Harbour and Calais - Filmed on location

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