Mr Biffo's Found Footage. Goujon John (Pete Ace).

Mr Biffo's Found Footage

YouTube sketch show involving surreal editing. 9 episodes (1 series), 2016 - 2017. Stars Pete Ace, Paul Gannon, Iain Lee, Tori Baker and others.

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Mr Biffo's Found Footage. Goujon John (Pete Ace).

Mr Biffo's Found Footage

Surreal series in which footage is re-edited

Sketch Show
2016 - 2017
9   (1 series), plus 1 short film
Paul Rose
Pete Ace, Paul Gannon, Iain Lee, Tori Baker, Steve Baker and Louise Horsley
Paul Rose
Paul Rose
Paul Rose

An ambitious blend of comedy, horror, surrealism and sci-fi. Trading in nostalgia as remembered though a heavily lysergic fog, there are parodies of old TV shows, home videos, adverts, music and cartoons... all given a deliciously analogue, VHS, rinse.

Part-demented sketch show, part conspiracy thriller, Mr Biffo's Found Footage purports to be the mixed-up, glitchy, contents of a series of old video tapes that they mysterious "Mr Biffo" purchased at a car boot sale. Upon returning home and sliding them into his VCR, he found that they were previously the property of Xenoxxxx Industries - but the more he watched, the more he was drawn into this strange and nonsensical world.

As the conspiracy comes into focus over the course of the series, it concludes with a full-blooded 20-minute sci-fi movie which ditches the glitchy VHS look for something more high-end. The Trojan Arse Protocol special was filmed in 4K, and shot on location in a former nuclear bunker, somewhere beneath the Midlands...

Production Details

Also known as
  • The Trojan Arse Protocol
  • Digitiser2000
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 2nd October 2016 on YouTube
Last new broadcast
Sunday 22nd October 2017 on YouTube

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