Little Roy. Copyright: JAM Media.

Little Roy

CBBC and CBeebies sitcom about a cartoon boy in a real world. 52 episodes (2 series), 2016 - 2017. Stars Maclean Burke, Niamh McCann, Robyn Dempsey, Reece Adenusi and others.

Little Roy. Copyright: JAM Media.

Little Roy

Prequel to hit sitcom Roy, following the cartoon boy as a 5-year old

2016 - 2017
CBBC, CBeebies
52   (2 series)
Maclean Burke, Niamh McCann, Robyn Dempsey, Reece Adenusi, Des Keogh, Lucia Evans, Susie Power, Paul Tylak and Rebecca Walsh
Alan Shannon, Robert Burke, Ronan Burke, Niall Mooney and Rafa Diaz Canales
Mark Cumberton, Ian Hamilton and Meabh Tammemagi

Little Roy follows the everyday adventures of five-year-old Roy O'Brien, an enthusiastic, inquisitive and playful little boy. In fact, he's just like any other boy his age, except for one thing - he's a cartoon!

This series is a live action/animation hybrid with Little Roy as the central character. Each episode follows a day in the life of Little Roy, as his cartoon abilities and enthusiasm cause some form of mayhem or misunderstanding.

To solve his real life quandary, Little Roy escapes into his imagination. In a full cartoon sequence, he takes on the persona of 'Wonder Roy', and with his sidekick Finn, he plays out his particular predicament of the day and finds a solution!

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First broadcast
Monday 10th October 2016 on CBBC at 7:20am
Last new broadcast
Thursday 14th December 2017 on CBeebies at 5pm
Last repeat
Thursday 19th December 2019 at 5:00pm on CBeebies

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