Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / BBC.

Room 101 (1994)

BBC One and BBC Two chat show. 88 episodes (11 series), 1994 - 2007. Stars Nick Hancock and Paul Merton.

Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Room 101

What do you really dislike? In Room 101, celebrities have the chance to get rid of their personal hates forever

Chat Show
1994 - 2007
BBC One, BBC Two
88   (11 series)
Nick Hancock and Paul Merton
John F.D. Northover, Phil Chilvers and Geraldine Dowd
Lissa Evans, Toby Stevens, Victoria Payne and Paul McGettigan

Supposing you could get rid of your worst nightmares, what would they be? Each week, a different celebrity guest has their chance to cast the things they hate most into Room 101 - the most horrible and frightening place in the world, as created by George Orwell in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The series was hosted until 1997 by Nick Hancock, and then Paul Merton hosted it from 1999 until the final episode in 2007.

A revised format with a panel of celebrities, rather than a single guest, launched in 2012 with Frank Skinner as host: Room 101.

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