Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / BBC.

Room 101 (1994)

BBC One and BBC Two chat show. 88 episodes (11 series), 1994 - 2007. Stars Nick Hancock and Paul Merton.


Paul Daniels appeared on Room 101 in 2001. This is perhaps somewhat of a surprise as in 1999 Paul Merton allowed guest Jim Davidson to consign the magician to Room 101.

Anne Robinson is another of the show's guests technically in Room 101 - although in this case Robinson was consigned to the room in a series later than the one she appeared in.

Ian Hislop put himself in Room 101 in the final episode. This was the only way to get Merton to agree to put himself into the room.

Ben Elton has been put in Room 101 twice. The first time was in 2001 (Anne Robinson's suggestion) and the second time was in 2007 (Mark Steel's suggestion)

Richard Madeley is also in the room twice - once on his own (Jim Davidson's suggestion) and once as part of Richard and Judy (Jimmy Tarbuck's choice).

The most frequently nominated item to go into Room 101 is the sport of football, which has been nominated three times. Perhaps surprisingly, the person to first nominate the item was Nick Hancock, well known as a supporter of Stoke City. It did not go into Room 101.

The second person to nominate football was Spike Milligan, but again it did not go in. However, it was third time unlucky for the sport when Marcus Brigstocke selected it.

When he left the show, Paul Merton said the one thing that he would put into Room 101 would be canned laughter.


Paul Merton once granted the once-in-a-lifetime experience of pulling the lever which cast items into Room 101 (the item was once-in-a-lifetime experiences). Merton claimed that no-one else except himself had pulled the lever before.

However, Nick Hancock also pulled the lever when he appeared on the first episode of Room 101 Merton hosted. The item in question was New Year's Eve.