In The Loop. Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi). Copyright: BBC / Aramid Entertainment.

In The Loop

In The Loop

The US President and the UK Prime Minister fancy going to war - but this one will be quick. Looks like Malcolm Tucker is in the thick of it again

Peter Capaldi, Tom Hollander, James Gandolfini, Chris Addison, Anna Chlumsky, David Rasche, Enzo Cilenti, Chizzy Akudolu and others
Armando Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Tony Roche and Ian Martin
Armando Iannucci
Kevin Loader and Adam Tandy

The British Prime Minister and the American President have decided to fight another war, only this one will much quicker (promise)!

The idea to go to war does not go down well with US General Miller (James Gandolfini) and UK Secretary of State for International Development, Simon Foster (Tom Hollander). However, when Simon accidently backs the war on live TV, he finds he has a lot of friends in Washington DC.

Simon and his one-man strong entourage in the form of Toby (Chris Addison) have to try and prevent the country going to war again. This involves Toby sleeping with an intern (Anna Chlumsky), and preventing the PM's chief strategist from rigging a UN vote. The last of these tasks will be particularly difficult, as the chief strategist is none other than the most foul-mouthed Scotsman in politics - Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi).

Production Details

UK certificate
109 minutes
Release date
24 April 2009
22 January 2009, The Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA
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Broadcast details

Last repeat
Monday 8th March 2021 at 12:00am on BBC2

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