The Balloon Goes Up. Image shows from L to R: Gracie (Gracie West), Ethel (Ethel Revnell).

The Balloon Goes Up

The Balloon Goes Up. Image shows from L to R: Ethel (Ethel Revnell), Gracie (Gracie West).

The Balloon Goes Up

Comedy duo Ethel Revnell and Gracie West masquerade as WAAFs on a balloon site and help the authorities capture a group of spies

Ronald Shiner, Donald Peers, Ethel Revnell, Gracie West, Gordon MacLeod, Masemore Morris, Elsie Wagstaffe, Esme Lewis and Miles Silverton
Val Valentine
Redd Davis

Rousing musical comedy starring double act Ethel and Gracie.

Discovering that the objects of their affections, a couple of cheeky servicemen, are only interested in WAAFs, the somewhat immature duo decide to sign up and win the men over.

However, the women discover that their medicals and other checks cannot be completed soon enough to get them into service and on the nearby base in time for an impending party, so decide to dress up and masquerade as freshly arrived WAAFs from another base. Their disguise doesn't last long and the pair make their escape - but in doing so, come across a pair of German spies, and lead them right back to the base and into the hands of justice.

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