Enter The Agency. Image shows from L to R: Nights-man (James Rutherford), Elise (Elizabeth West).

Enter The Agency

YouTube sitcom about superheroes. 3 episodes (1 series), 2019 - 2020.

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Enter The Agency. Image shows from L to R: Elise (Elizabeth West), Nights-man (James Rutherford).

Enter The Agency

In a world where anyone can be a superhero, who will keep them in check?

2019 - 2020
3   (1 series)
Matthew Camfield
Alessio Paratore and Matthew Camfield
Matthew Camfield

A mockumentary comedy series. What are the consequences of being a hero; do your actions cause too much collateral damage; do you hurt more people than you save? If that person is you then I'm afraid the Agency will have to intervene and bring you in for detention and questioning. Our "heroes" are the 2 agency hound dogs - Elsie & Sara, they help keep the Agencies rep squeaky clean whilst taking care of the mess produced from an out of control, frankly ridiculous hiring system.

The Agency is an overarching recruitment centre for Heroes, anyone can sign up and do their duty, finding lost cats, fighting muggers or, if they rank highly on their aptitude tests, dealing with international terrorist threats and beyond.

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First broadcast
Sunday 7th July 2019 on YouTube
Last new broadcast
Monday 15th June 2020 on YouTube