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Sky One comedy drama. 1 episode in 2013. Stars Ian Hart, Kevin Doyle, Emma Stansfield, Annette Badland, Rebecca Elliot, Lee Broadbent, Ryan Brett and others.


Comedy drama imagining what John Lennon's life would have been like if he had walked out on the Beatles in 1962

Comedy Drama
Sky One
Ian Hart, Kevin Doyle, Emma Stansfield, Annette Badland, Rebecca Elliot, Lee Broadbent, Ryan Brett, Josh Leach and others
David Quantick and Ian R. MacLeod
David Blair
Michael Knowles

Having walked out on The Beatles in 1962, John Lennon is 50 years-old and unemployed. Smoking a roll-up in a scruffy kitchen in Birmingham, he is four weeks behind on his rent when he is called to a job interview.

Bitter and eccentric, Lennon hates jobsworths, yuppies and the mundaneness of life and the working world and he fails to impress his potential boss, until he is recognised as "the guy who walked out of The Beatles over a song" and is given a job licking envelopes.

Accosted by a female colleague who had a girlhood crush on Paul McCartney, he is forced to reflect on the tragedy of his decision. However, we also learn that, in writer David Quantick and director David Blair's imagined world, The Fab Four failed to achieve the worldwide acclaim they did in real life.

The reason? The band ignored Lennon's advice to release Love Me Do as their debut single and released How Do You Do It instead. "We could have been bigger than The Hollies," Lennon laments, as he watches a group of hoodies graffiti a Beatles Reunion Tour poster after walking out on his job, However, as Lennon returns to his flat, he finds that Paul McCartney has visited his run-down home, and left a very important message with his housemate.

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Playhouse Presents

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First broadcast
Thursday 25th April 2013 on Sky One at 9pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Tuesday 6th June 2017 at 2:00am on Sky Arts