The Tuckers. Image shows from L to R: Billy Tucker (Joshua McCord), Glyn Tucker (Steve Speirs), Peggy Tucker (Lynn Hunter), Natalie Tucker (Alexandria Riley), Bobby Tucker (Ben McGregor).

The Tuckers

BBC One Wales sitcom about a family. 7 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2018 - 2020. Stars Steve Speirs, Robert Pugh, Lynn Hunter, Joshua McCord and others.

Next new episode is on Friday at 9:30pm. Episode 3
Catch-up on Episode 2 on BBC iPlayer   Episode 2 is repeated on BBC2 Wales on Thursday at 10pm.

The Tuckers. Image shows from L to R: Murphy (Robert Pugh), Peggy Tucker (Lynn Hunter), Glyn Tucker (Steve Speirs), Bobby Tucker (Ben McGregor), Billy Tucker (Joshua McCord), Natalie Tucker (Alexandria Riley), Shakira Tucker (Hope Reynolds).

The Tuckers

Sitcom about a family of chancers in the Welsh valleys

2018 - 2020
BBC One Wales
7   (1 pilot + 1 series)
Steve Speirs
Steve Speirs, Robert Pugh, Lynn Hunter, Joshua McCord, Ben McGregor, Alexandria Riley, Hope Reynolds and Jams Thomas
Steve Speirs
Ian FitzGibbon
Owen Bell

Set in the south Wales valleys, The Tuckers tells the story of a family of chancers, low on cash but high on spirit - determined to survive through any means necessary. They run a catering business, not always successfully, and a few things on the side, not always legit.

Peggy rules the roost, with Glyn, her son, next in command. His children, Billy and Bobby, are never far from trouble, and Bobby's ex-wife, Natalie lives next door - with Shaks, their young daughter who has an appetite for mayhem.

The family bicker endlessly amongst themselves, but if you cross one Tucker, you cross them all, and you'll think twice about crossing them again (especially Grampa Murphy, who spends most of his time in an outside toilet, armed with a gun).

The series examines the love/hate relationship between members of the clan, ultimately proving that blood is thicker than water.

Woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of the Tuckers!

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Festival Of Funny

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Wednesday 31st October 2018 on BBC One Wales at 10:40pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 17th January 2020 on BBC One Wales at 9:30pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Upcoming repeats
  1. Series 1 Episode 2: Thursday at 10pm on BBC2 Wales
  2. Series 1 Episode 3: Thursday 30th January at 10pm on BBC2 Wales

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