Man Up

Modern romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell

Simon Pegg, Lake Bell, Rory Kinnear, Sharon Horgan, Harriet Walter, Stephen Campbell Moore, Ophelia Lovibond, Olivia Williams and Ken Stott
Tess Morris
Ben Palmer
Nira Park, James Biddle, Matthew Justice, Simon Pegg, Rachael Prior, Dan Cheesbrough, Danny Perkins, Jenny Borgars, Christine Langan and Joe Oppenheimer

Meet Nancy: 34, single (still), hungover (again), and exhausted by the endless futile set ups foisted upon her by well - meaning but clueless friends. As she travels across London to toast another 10 years of her parent's blissfully happy marriage, 40 year old, freshly - hatched divorcee Jack mistakes her for his 24 year old blind date. In a moment of uncharacteristic optimism (or insanity?), Nancy decides to just go with it... What follows is a chaotic, unconventional, hilarious night neither of them will ever forget.

There will be drinking, there will be home truths, there will be an old classmate with a long - standing crush and stalker tendencies. There will be lost divorce papers, lost hopes, competitive indoor sports and an epic venue - to - venue urban triathlon.

Oh, and the small matter of Jack finding out that Nancy isn't actually his real blind date.

Man Up is a romantic comedy about being yourself... or perhaps not being yourself. It's about taking chances, making decisions and rolling with the consequences.

One night, two people, on a first date like no other.

Production Details

UK certificate
92 minutes
Release date
Friday 29th May
Production company
Laugh track


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Broadcast details

Last repeat
Tuesday 25th December 2018 at 1:00am on BBC1

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