Man Up. Image shows from L to R: Jack (Simon Pegg), Nancy (Lake Bell). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Man Up

2015 British comedy film about a blind date. Stars Simon Pegg, Lake Bell, Sharon Horgan, Rory Kinnear, Ken Stott and others.

Press Clippings

Man Up: A painfully convoluted romantic comedy

Who would want to see these actors be adorable and flirtatious with each other for 88 minutes or so when they could spend an equivalent amount of time watching them be overmatched human marionettes whose strings are being sadistically yanked in every direction by puppeteers interested in them only as vehicles to drive a phenomenally stupid plot forward?

Nathan Rabin, The Globe and Mail, 19th November 2015

Simon Pegg and Tess Morris interview

A meet-cute and awkward romantic beginnings make Man Up a sweet, funny and relatable romcom. Standard Issue caught up with writer Tess Morris and star Simon Pegg.

Standard Issue, 5th June 2015

Man Up - Review

While Lake Bell is every bit as good as Julia Roberts, Simon Pegg is not at his best here.

Alice Charles, The Huffington Post, 4th June 2015

Man Up is a genuinely sweet British romantic comedy

Never mind the bland title, British rom-com about a divorcee and a single woman gets romance and comedy right.

Boon Chan, The Straits Times, 3rd June 2015

Man Up review

It may be formulaic in places but Simon Pegg and producer Nira Park know how to spin a sparkling cinematic garment from the well worn material, and at 88 minutes it's the perfect length for its story.

Roger Crow, The Huffington Post, 2nd June 2015

Man Up review

Simon Pegg never seems at ease in this manic and outdated tale of a blind date gone wrong.

Jonathan Romney, The Observer, 31st May 2015

Man Up review

Simon Pegg and Lake Bell breathe fresh life into the romantic comedy, with Man Up.

Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek, 29th May 2015

Man Up review

Yes, it gets a bit silly especially towards the end, but when a woman can staunchly withstand various indignities - like having chocolate mousse licked off her face by a slobbering psychopath - you can't help but cheer her on.

Stella Papamichael, Digital Spy, 28th May 2015

Man Up film review

Tess Morris' smart script and Ben Palmer's assured direction largely hold the interest, making this more pleasure than ordeal - and therefore a rarity in British romantic comedies.

Helen O Hara, GQ, 28th May 2015

Man Up - film review

Lake Bell makes a convincing Limey opposite Simon Pegg in a better-than-most British romcom.

Nigel Andrews, The Financial Times, 28th May 2015