15 Storeys High. Vince Clark (Sean Lock). Copyright: BBC
15 Storeys High

15 Storeys High

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Three / BBC Choice
  • 2002 - 2004
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about a grim 15-storey tower block. Miserable lifeguard Vince Clark hates being touched. He and his Chinese lodger Errol live in Flat 76. Stars Sean Lock, Benedict Wong and Dan Mersh.

15 Storeys High. Vince Clark (Sean Lock). Copyright: BBC

Key details

2002 - 2004
BBC Three, BBC Choice
12 (2 series)
Sean Lock, Benedict Wong and Dan Mersh
Sean Lock, Martin Trenaman and Mark Lamarr
Mark Nunneley
Phil Bowker, Jo Sargent and Jon Plowman

Sitcom focusing on miserable lifeguard Vince Clark, who hates being touched, and his Chinese lodger Errol, who live together in Flat 76, Elderberry House.

In addition to watching Vince and Errol, we dip in and out of the lives of the other occupants of the towerblock; there's wife-swappers, bible-bashers, lap dancers, hopeless stoners, embryonic boy bands, hygiene freaks, men who shout at TVs and even a bloke who keeps a horse in the spare room.

In series 2, the bickering polar-opposite flatmates haven't changed one bit. Vince is still sharing the same flat on the 15th floor of a South London tower block with his flatmate Errol. No regular visitors come to visit the two men, as Vince has no friends and Errol feels that the friendships he has made since his arrival in London will only be jeopardised by a meeting with his landlord. But that's not to say no-one stops by. In fact quite the opposite is true.

What with dope smoking teenagers inhabiting the lifts, single mothers 'salsacising' in the living room, ping pong enthusiasts living upstairs, combined with the odd visit from local religious leaders, life is a constant whirl of social interaction. Of sorts.

Additional details

Part of

15 Storeys Trilogy

Camera set-up
Single camera
The first series used several different themes, including Tito Puente's On The Street Where You Live and a backwards remix of Madness's House of Fun.

The theme used in the second series was made by the producer, Phil Bowker, and his neighbour.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 7th November 2002 at 10:30pm on BBC Choice
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Recording details

  • Brandon Estate (Southwark)
  • Ladywell Leisure Centre (Lewisham) - Swimming Baths (Series 1)
  • Shell Centre (Lambath) - Swimming Baths (Series 2)

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