Limmy's Other Stuff. Brian Limond.

Limmy's Other Stuff

BBC Scotland sketch show from Limmy. 1 episode in 2020. Stars Brian Limond.

The programme is repeated on Friday 11th December at 11:30pm.

Limmy's Other Stuff. Brian Limond.

Limmy's Other Stuff

A final TV special from Brian Limond

Sketch Show
BBC Scotland
Brian Limond
Brian Limond
Brian Limond
Brian Limond

Limmy introduces a chronological compilation of his non-TV material, from his early pre-YouTube sketches, to his Vines, to his present day livestreaming. Over the half hour special, Limmy recalls his journey from being a web developer to having his own sketch show, and how it all began with a spur of the moment video that he uploaded to his website.

Highlights along the way include: how to make a dance music video with a straw stuck to your face; the rare first sighting of Limmy's beloved character Dee Dee; a Vine for arachnophobes to avoid; and an outdoor livestream where Limmy unfortunately gets all the fame he ever wished for.

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Friday 2nd October 2020 on BBC Scotland at 10pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Upcoming repeats
  1. Friday 11th December at 11:30pm on BBC Scotland
  2. Tuesday 15th December at 11:20pm on BBC Scotland