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One Rogue Reporter

One Rogue Reporter

Satirical documentary film in which ex-reporter Rich Peppiatt pranks various tabloid newspaper editors

Rich Peppiatt
Rich Peppiatt, John Bishop, Steve Coogan, Kate Smurthwaite, Paul Dacre, Chris Bryant, Hugh Grant, Nick Davies and others
Rich Peppiatt
Tom Jenkinson
Tom Jenkinson and Rich Peppiatt

Recovering tabloid hack Rich Peppiatt delivers a mercilessly satirical dissection of his former trade by turning the tables on unscrupulous newspaper bosses. Through a series of daringly mischievous stunts and interviews with heavyweights of journalism, film, comedy and politics, Peppiatt exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of modern journalism...

Many have fantasised about emailing their boss and unleashing what they really think of them. Few actually ever reach for the keyboard. Fewer still end up pressing "send." No one has made a film about it - until now.

One Rogue Reporter is the story of Rich Peppiatt, a tabloid hack who snaps over his red top paper's fixation with sensationalism over substance and titillation over truth.

When the phone hacking scandal engulfs Rupert Murdoch's News of the World, Rich throws his ingrained ethics of tabloid journalism into the spotlight, deciding to use the skills he's honed on Fleet Street to turn the tables on the press barons peddling sex, lies and scaremongering under the cloak of journalism.

The result is a satirical documentary, part investigative exposé, part comedy caper, and part cri de coeur against unaccountable press power.

From infamous former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie to feared Daily Mail chief Paul Dacre, this is one riotous tale you won't be reading about in any tabloid newspaper.

Production Details

UK certificate
61 minutes
Release date
8th June 2014 at Sheffield International Documentary Festival
Production company
Laugh track

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