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Press Clippings

A journey from Daily Star reporter to pranking editors

Back in March 2011, I wrote my proudest ever piece for the Daily Star - my resignation. Little did I expect the minor media ripple it provoked.

Richard Peppiatt, The Guardian, 12th December 2014

The camera is turned on tabloid editors

Senior tabloid editors are shown naked, embarrassed and scuttling for cover in a new documentary, targeting them with the kind of treatment usually dished out by their own newspapers.

Ian Burrell, The Independent, 30th October 2014

World premiere for One Rogue Reporter

In effect, the indefatigable Rich Peppiatt, who claims to be a "recovering tabloid hack", has transformed his successful Edinburgh fringe stage show on to film, but with a great deal of additional material.

Roy Greenslade, The Guardian, 12th May 2014