Andy Parsons: Slacktivist. Andy Parsons. Copyright: Open Mike Productions / Comedy Central.

Andy Parsons: Slacktivist

Comedy Central stand-up. 1 episode in 2014. Stars Andy Parsons.

Andy Parsons: Slacktivist

Andy Parsons returns to the stage with his one man stand-up show Slacktivist

Comedy Central
Andy Parsons
Andy Parsons
Colin Dench
Colin Dench, Addison Cresswell, Joe Norris and Damon Pettitt

One of Britain's sharpest comedians, Mock The Week star Andy Parsons, returns to tackle the big issues and then have a nap.

His mixture of anger and ridicule leaves 'the Big Society' in tatters.

Mixing personal anecdotes, political bemusements and armchairs, Slacktivist showcases Andy Parsons to be a comedian who is currently at the very top of his game. From Ed Miliband to Nigel Farage, to cancer, Romanian immigration and autotune, Andy guides us through the many aspects of life that leave him frustrated and yearning for the beauty of doing sod all! How else do you end up naked on a hotel balcony?

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 15th March 2014 on Comedy Central at 9pm
Episode length
130 minutes
Last repeat
Thursday 24th January 2019 at 2:35am on CC Extra