Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Laugh. Rob Brydon.

Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Laugh

BBC Radio 2 documentary. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2007. Features Rob Brydon.

Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Laugh

In three one-hour episodes, Rob Brydon traces the origins and development of the sitcom and the themes it often tackles

BBC Radio 2
3   (1 series)
Rob Brydon
Paul Kobrak

Comedian Rob Brydon traces the history of the sitcom, from its roots in the 1950s through the development and social changes of the 1970s, to today.

A lot can be discovered about a society from what it finds funny - and one cultural form that speaks volumes about life is the television sitcom. Beamed into living rooms most nights, these programmes supposedly specialise in showing the kinds of lives that viewers can recognise as their own.

Rob Brydon sets out to discover what the creators of these shows were thinking when they first thought them up and asks why some hit a nerve with British society at a particular time. He also asks whether they reflect or lead the cultural background they are born into.

Includes interviews with writers, producers, actors and actresses whose influence cannot be overestimated.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 24th April 2007 on BBC Radio 2
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 8th May 2007 on BBC Radio 2
Length of episodes
1 hour