Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair

1979 British comedy film about a playboy. Stars Alan Lake, Glynn Edwards, Bernie Winters, Mary Millington, Anthony Booth and others.

Confessions From The David Galaxy Affair

Playboy David Galaxy has to prove himself against both the law and "the only woman in the world who's never had an orgasm"

Alan Lake, Glynn Edwards, Bernie Winters, Mary Millington, Anthony Booth, Kenny Lynch, Rosemary England, Queenie Watts and others
George Evans
Willy Roe
Willy Roe

David Galaxy is a playboy astrologer and effortlessly charming bachelor who beds beautiful women as easily as he reads their fortunes.

His job affords him a healthy income and the freedom to do what - and who - he wants: he's engaged in an affair with a female MP, has a number of young blonde girlfriends, and has other business interests including a beauty pageant (with perks, naturally).

Spending much of his time gambling, drinking, and arranging dubious set-ups with his best friend Steve, he's aghast to find a Chief Inspector from the Metropolitan Police at his penthouse flat door one afternoon, enquiring as to his whereabouts some five years previously. A cold case has been reopened and implicated David in a crime that saw someone murdered, but as long as he has an alibi...

Meanwhile, Steve has concocted his own plot for his friend: he's set David up with Millie, a girl about town notorious for never having had an orgasm, and arranged an underground gambling syndicate on the basis of his astrologer friend being able to end her drought!

Production Details

UK certificate
96 minutes
Release date
Thursday 28th June 1979
Winter 1978
, Eros Cinema, Piccadilly Circus

Tigon British Film Productions

Production company
Also known as
  • Star Sex (Re-release - and original certification)
Title song sung by Diana Dors.
Laugh track

Broadcast details

Last repeat
Tuesday 25th June 2019 at 1:00am on London Live

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