Cilla's Comedy Six. Cilla Black. Copyright: Associated Television.

Cilla's Comedy Six

ITV sitcom plays starring Cilla Black. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1975. Stars Cilla Black.

Cilla's Comedy Six. Cilla Black. Copyright: Associated Television.

Cilla's Comedy Six

Series of individual sitcom plays starring Cilla Black as a range of strong female characters

6   (1 series)
Cilla Black
Ronnie Taylor
Les Chatfield
Les Chatfield

Cilla Black stars in this series of one-off comedic plays, showing off her acting skills as a range of every-day (and not so every-day) heroines who combine tenacity, resourcefulness and wit.

In No Harem For Henry, Cilla plays Linda Pearson, the outwardly relaxed wife of a philandering husband who confronts his latest mistress.

In Every Husband Has One, Cilla is identified as the 'ideal average housewife' by a consumer research firm. She's initially delighted, but her husband is less than amused to have their lives monitored.

In Sea-View, Cilla is a wife and mother who objects to what she considers an extortionate hotel bill at the end of her family's holiday, and refuses to pay - or to leave.

In Father's Doing Fine, Cilla plays loving daughter Christine. She's more than a little perturbed when her widower father suddenly announces he intends to marry again.

In Who's Rocking The Boat?, Cilla plays Vera, a young woman who's signed up for a round-the-world boating adventure with two male strangers. All's going well until the wind dies down, leaving them stuck mid-ocean.

In Dictation Speed, Cilla is secretary temp Sally Norton, who finds herself placed with a rather over-amorous boss. Sally, however, has her own defence mechanism.

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Wednesday 15th January 1975 on ITV at 8pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 19th February 1975 on ITV at 8pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes

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