Pat And Margaret. Image shows from L to R: Pat Bedford (Julie Walters), Margaret (Victoria Wood).

Pat And Margaret

BBC One comedy drama from Victoria Wood. 1 episode in 1994. Stars Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Don Henderson and others.

Pat And Margaret

Comedy drama starring Victoria Wood and Julie Walters. A Lancashire-born American soap star who, returning to Britain, is reunited with her sister

Comedy Drama
Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Don Henderson, Deborah Grant, Duncan Preston, Lynda Rooke, Jan Alphonse and others
Victoria Wood
Gavin Millar
Ruth Caleb

US soap queen Pat Bedford is the biggest thing on American television. She has three houses, a pool and an open-top Mercedes. Margaret is a waitress in a motorway cafeteria. She lives in a bedsit above a shop in Lancashire. But, Pat and Margaret are sisters, separated when they were young girls.

After 27 years, to their surprise (and Pat's horror), the pair are reunited live on national television. Pat wants nothing to do with her frumpy relative, but in the glare of the tabloid press, she has no choice but to play along - and while Margaret is initially swept along in a tidal wave of paparazzi and champagne, she struggles to make a connection between the soap star and the sister she shared a life with all those years ago.

A persistent newshound with a nose for celebrity scandal is soon on Pat's trail and the sisters are forced to escape together back to the North - to a world of shell suits, domineering mothers and skeletons in the family closet.

Production Details

Production company
Also known as
  • Screen One: Pat And Margaret (Other official name)
Music by Colin Towns.
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 11th September 1994 on BBC One at 8:55pm
Episode length
85 minutes
Last repeat
Monday 27th August 2012 at 11:40pm on Gold

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