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Whatever (2005)

Channel 4 sketch show created by teenagers. 1 pilot in 2005.


Comedy Lab pilot which sees a group of urban teenagers coming up with ideas for what they want to see on the box

Sketch Show
Channel 4
1 Pilot

Whatever is a half-hour, stand-alone pilot that gives today's teenage generation editorial freedom to create their own television show.

A select group of disillusioned, street-wise youths are offered the chance not only to tell programme-makers what they want to see of television, but are also given the financial, technical and professional support to make those ideas a reality.

Beginning with a closed-doors ideas meeting, the ten or so young people - chosen to best represent the diverse ethnic and cultural mix of today's youth - decide their best items, be they interviews, sketches, stunts or game shows. This is when the professionals get involved in scripting, planning, shooting and editing, but the essential thing to remember is that ANY editorial decisions have to be made with the co-operation and approval of the kids.

Sure, it is up to the production team to give timely advice, but the essential idea driving the show is: just what will the kids produce with thousands of pounds and a professional TV crew at their disposal? Car Crash TV or broadcasting genius? And when its all over, what will they, their colleagues and their families think of the work? Only time will tell...

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