Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac. Will Smith. Copyright: BBC.

Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac

BBC Radio 4 sketch show. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2007. Stars Will Smith, John Nettles and Dan Tetsell.

Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac

Sketch show based around comedian Will Smith's obsession with 1980s detective series Bergerac

Sketch Show
BBC Radio 4
4   (1 series)
Will Smith, John Nettles and Dan Tetsell
Will Smith and Roger Drew
Tilusha Ghelani

Comedian Will Smith is obsessed with 1980s detective series Bergerac, so uses an audio book of its star, to navigate the minefield of his life.

Smith has one guiding force in his life - an audio book of John Nettles reading the ancient Chinese text of the Tao. He has always used this tape to illuminate problems in his life, to find a way through when the road seems blocked.

Now Will brings the Tao of Bergerac to you, as each week he navigates the minefields of love, justice, individuality and machismo with the help of some special guests from his favourite TV show.

But Will is easily sidetracked into revealing the true subject of the series: the obsessions and insecurities of Will Smith. He finds refuge from an unappreciative society in his fierce dedication to a TV show that is the bedrock of the simpler days of his Jersey childhood.

Each programme features a special guest starring cameo from John Nettles and climaxes with Will's tour-de-force: Six Degrees of Bergerac - linking the show to any audience-suggested film in six steps or less.

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Wednesday 1st August 2007 on BBC Radio 4 at 6:30pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 22nd August 2007 on BBC Radio 4 at 6:30pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Last repeat
Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 11:00pm on Radio 4 Extra