Reality Bites. Image shows from L to R: Emma Willis, Stephen Mulhern, Joel Dommett. Copyright: Hungry Bear Media.

Reality Bites

ITV2 panel show. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Stephen Mulhern, Emma Willis and Joel Dommett.

Reality Bites

ITV2 panel show focused around reality TV. Hosted by Stephen Mulhern with team captains Emma Willis and Joel Dommett

Panel Show
6   (1 series)
Stephen Mulhern, Emma Willis and Joel Dommett
Toby Baker
Andy Price, Sarah Pack and Dan Baldwin

Reality Bites is a panel show hosted by Stephen Mulhern that jumps head first into the amazing world of reality TV.

Each week team captains Emma Willis and comedian Joel Dommett are joined by a host of celebrities, reality stars and surprise guests as Stephen puts the teams through their paces - tackling all the latest and greatest bust ups, break ups, make ups, fake tans, terrifying tasks and touching moments from the nation's most talked about reality shows.

The teams will have to tackle rounds such as:

The Real World: The teams watch clips from foreign reality shows and have to work out what on earth the show is all about.

Where The Hell Am I?: A member of each team is blindfolded and challenged to identify a well-known reality show and reality star by using touch alone.

Big Fact Hunt: The teams have to guess whether a series of facts Stephen has uncovered about a different star each week are true or false. These will be confirmed by the star themselves... live in the studio.

ITV says: "It's the show that embraces the outrageous world of reality TV like no other with shocking clips, hilarious games and more cameos from reality stars, past and present, than you can shake a remote control at."

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