The Greengrocer's Apostrophe. Copyright: BBC.

The Greengrocer's Apostrophe

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars James Anthony Pearson, Tracy Wiles and Monica Gibb.

The Greengrocer's Apostrophe

A series of three short comic tales about the apostrophe

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4
3   (1 series)
James Anthony Pearson, Tracy Wiles and Monica Gibb
Anneliese Mackintosh, Ronald Frame and Diana Hendry
Eilidh McCreadie

Inspired by a hand-written sign offering "apple's and banana's", this series of three comic tales begins with a quirky story by Anneliese Mackintosh and read by James Anthony Pearson about the apostrophe that ends a relationship.

The second episode, written by Ronald Frame and read by Tracy Wiles, is about a novel way Alice finds to occupy her time after her high-flying career stalls. Armed only with a balaclava and a pot of paint, she starts to vent her anger on sloppy punctuation.

In the final tale, Monica Gibb reads a new short story by Diana Hendry about a woman distracted by an apostrophe obsession, who fails to notice that her lover is not all he seems.

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