Dappers. Image shows from L to R: Ashley (Lenora Crichlow), Faye (Ty Glaser). Copyright: Mammoth Screen.


BBC Three comedy drama. 1 pilot in 2010. Stars Lenora Crichlow, Ty Glaser, Tom Ellis, Jack Ashton, Darren Boyd, Olivia Poulet, Gwen Taylor and others.


A Bristol-based comedy drama starring Lenora Crichlow and Ty Glaser as young mothers who have high hopes of a better life

Comedy Drama
BBC Three
1 Pilot
Lenora Crichlow, Ty Glaser, Tom Ellis, Jack Ashton, Darren Boyd, Olivia Poulet, Gwen Taylor, Eddie Large and others
Catherine Johnson
Greg Fay
Jane Harrison

Dappers is a Bristol-based comedy drama that delivers a cheerful poke in the eye to all the negativity that surrounds single-mums.

Ashley and Faye are young mothers and best mates - "dappers" in their native Bristolian - who live in housing-association flats in well-to-do Clifton. They're a pair of sparky chancers, devoted to their toddler daughters and fiercely loyal to each other.

Growing up, the girls were only interested in having a laugh and enjoying life to the full. Until, that is, they both fell pregnant by their respective boyfriends, the "hubba-hubba handsome" Marco a wannabe nightclub impresario and "cheeky-chappy cute" Ryan who's half a step from a stretch.

Now, two years on, they have high hopes of a better life and will stop at very little to achieve this. So, amongst their many scams and schemes, they start Woofitys Doggy Day-Care For Cared-For Dogs, looking after the pets of Bristol's better-off residents.

However, running the business from home doesn't endear them to their new neighbours, Ben and Anna, who have moved to Bristol for its laid-back charm, not barking dogs and parking-space altercations. Also alarmed by the girls' business enterprise are the odd couple in the basement, Wendy and Barney. Why are the dogs so attracted to Barney?

These Dappers share laughs, banter and bust-ups with a chirpy resolve and two fingers to the snot-bags who've never dreamed.

As everything comes to a head, changes are in store for Faye and Ashley when Marco and Ryan reveal the secrets of the night before...

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Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 10th June 2010 on BBC Three at 9:30pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Friday 18th June 2010 at 12:50am

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