Rock Band Vs Vampires. Jeremiah Winterford (Guy Barnes). Copyright: Abbas Films.

Rock Band Vs Vampires

Rock Band Vs Vampires

Low budget British comedy film. A rock band find themselves fighting against vampires after playing at a Camden venue owned by the vampires

Guy Barnes, Loren Peta, Jake Rundle, Malcolm Galloway, Faye Sewell, Dani Thompson, Richard Herring, Kasey Sfetsios and others
Malcolm Galloway
Raed Abbas and Malcolm Galloway
Loren Peta, Malcolm Galloway and Raed Abbas

Jeremiah Winterford is an old-fashioned vampire who finds himself awkwardly out of place in the modern world. Forced to move from Winterford Manor following a torching by his vampiric rival Jako Van Zyl, Winterford and his surviving acolytes find themselves making a new home in Camden. Where better for vampires to hide in plain sight?

Sorcerer's Tower, an unsuccessful prog-rock band are booked to play at the re-opening night of Angelfish, a Camden music venue now under new (vampiric) ownership.

Armed with their instruments, can the band save their small number of fans from an eternity of vampirism?

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