The Royle Family. Image shows from L to R: Denise Royle / Best (Caroline Aherne), Dave Best (Craig Cash), Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson), Antony Royle (Ralf Little)
The Royle Family

The Royle Family

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 1998 - 2012
  • 25 episodes (3 series)

The Royles are a family of couch potatoes who watch television in their dirty living room whilst chatting, arguing, and drinking copious amounts of tea and alcohol. Stars Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Ralf Little, Craig Cash and more.

The Royle Family. Image shows from L to R: Dave Best (Craig Cash), Antony Royle (Ralf Little), Denise Royle / Best (Caroline Aherne), Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson), Barbara Royle (Sue Johnston), Norma Speakman (Liz Smith). Copyright: Granada Productions / Jellylegs

Key details

1998 - 2012
BBC One, BBC Two
25 (3 series), plus 2 charity shorts
Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Ralf Little, Craig Cash, Jessica Hynes, Liz Smith and Andrew Whyment
Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, Henry Normal, Carmel Morgan and Ricky Tomlinson
Mark Mylod, Steve Bendelack and Caroline Aherne
Glenn Wilhide, Kenton Allen and Andy Harries

The Royle Family is the tale of a painfully average - if not somewhat slobbish - working class family living in the north west of England.

Head of the family, and with TV remote at his side, is Jim. He belches, farts, scratches his arse, and is often heard updating the family on the status of his bowels. Then there's Barbara, Jim's long-suffering, dutiful wife. She cooks and cleans with negligible effect, and when not in the kitchen is more than likely to be found slobbing it out in front of the telly with Jim.

Their youngest child, Antony, is constantly referred to as a 'lazy streak of piss' by his father, but in actual fact is hardest working of the family, and certainly displays more aptitude than everyone else put together - although he's still no major bright spark.

The clan is rounded off by Nana, Barbara's slightly dotty mother; Denise, and her husband Dave. Whilst Dave does show an inkling of normality at times, neither he nor Denise have a spare braincell between them - not that that stops the peroxide blonde's ability to manipulate and shirk any and all responsibility, even with her own child!

Throw in a light sprinkling of neighbours, girlfriends, extended relations, casual acquaintances, and the formidable but unseen Beverley Macca, and the very special Royle brew is complete.

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Additional details

Camera set-up
Single camera
Theme music by Oasis.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 14th September 1998 at 10pm on BBC Two
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  8. Series 2, Episode 5: Wednesday 5th June at 10pm on Gold
  9. Series 2, Episode 5: Thursday 6th June at 2am on Gold
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Recording details

  • Ealing Studios - Original Series 1 to 3.
  • The Pie Factory - Specials.

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