Rory Bremner.

Rory Goes To Holyrood

BBC One Scotland sketch show. 1 episode in 2013. Stars Rory Bremner, Alun Cochrane, Andy Zaltzman, Julia Sutherland, Paul Sneddon, Sanjeev Kohli, Steven Dick and others.

Rory Goes To Holyrood

One-off programme in which Rory Bremner takes a satirical look at the Scottish Independence Referendum

Sketch Show
BBC One Scotland
Rory Bremner, Alun Cochrane, Andy Zaltzman, Julia Sutherland, Paul Sneddon, Sanjeev Kohli, Steven Dick, Michael Moore and others
Rory Bremner
Graeme Hart
Iain Davidson

Comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner takes a satirical look at the Independence Referendum.

Rory, a Scot who has lived in England most of his life, returns to his homeland and discovers he's not quite up-to-speed with the current state of Scottish politics.

Rory Goes to Holyrood follows the UK's sharpest satirist on a journey of discovery from Aberdeen to Westminster as Rory meets with politicians, punters and personalities alike, culminating with an exclusive gig at The General Assembly Hall in his native Edinburgh where Rory will let loose his trademark observations, gags and impressions.

Rory Bremner says: "Coming back to Scotland in the run-up to the Referendum, I realised I knew almost nothing about Scottish Politics. Time I did. And why is there so little political comedy in Scotland outside the Parliament? Time to make sense (and nonsense) of it all."

Rab Christie, Executive Producer for The Comedy Unit adds: "People can't believe Rory Bremner's been spotted in Maryhill! But, as Scotland focusses on the big vote, it's a great time to be looking for the funny bone of Scottish politics. If anyone can find it, Rory can."

Executive Producer Ewan Angus adds: "We're delighted Rory is coming home to cast his eye over the landscape. His razor-sharp observations and impressions will give the audience a different perspective on the referendum story."

Rory's on a mission to find out about the state of the land of his birth and answers to all the major questions including: What are the issues ahead of the big vote? And does satire exist in Scottish politics?

Rory Goes to Holyrood also features contributions and insights from, among others, comedians Andy Zaltzman, Julia Sutherland and Paul Sneddon; writer and actor Sanjeev Kohli; comedy writer Steven Dick; Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, MP; Joan McAlpine, MSP; Ian Davidson, MP; and political commentator Alan Cochrane.

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First broadcast
Thursday 13th June 2013 on BBC One Scotland at 9pm
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1 hour