Keep Fit Chick. Kristina (Chanel Brunker)
Keep Fit Chick

Keep Fit Chick

  • Online sitcom
  • 2013
  • 9 episodes (1 series)

Chanel Brunker stars in this online comedy as Kristina, a woman recording her attempts to lose weight. Also features Sharon Preston.

Keep Fit Chick. Kristina (Chanel Brunker)

Key details

9 (1 series)
Chanel Brunker and Sharon Preston
Chanel Brunker and Hana Evans
Chanel Brunker and Hana Evans
Chanel Brunker and Hana Evans

Kristina is a loveable bubbly character in her twenties, living at home with her mum.

She's come to that point in her life where she wants to aim for something and achieve some worthwhile goals. She's always been overweight and now wants to tackle it, she decides to utilise YouTube by keeping a 'live' diary, as a way to monitor herself. She also feels she could also help motivate other people who have the same battles.

Kristina embarks on a plan to try a diet a week, and document all the pros and cons of the diet on her YouTube channel. She uploads the latest vid each week, filmed by her faithful mum Sharon Preston.

Sharon is a gullible, loyal, loving mum... she thinks the world of Kristina and supports her every whim. Sharon is never seen on camera, she is either behind the camera filming Kristina (wobbly camera action and all) or somewhere just out of sight, so only her cockney voice is heard. She represents all supportive mums everywhere.

Each episode kicks off with Kristina addressing her YouTube viewers, and then proceeds to show what she got up to during a week of dieting. Her good intentions all ending in calamities and mayhem, all badly filmed and edited.

Kristina wins our hearts, with her adorable naive optimism and the hottest stripy gym tights you ever saw. You might not loose weight by following Kristina's dieting tips, if anything they should come with a warning sign! But, that aside, you may at least tighten the tummy muscles with a giggle or two.

Additional details

Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 15th August 2013 on YouTube
Last new broadcast
Friday 11th October 2013 on YouTube

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