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Think Tank

E4 sketch show. 1 pilot in 2008. Stars Elliott Tiney and Rufus Hound.

Think Tank

E4 pilot following three 'market researchers' as they test their fictional product ideas on real people

Sketch Show
1 Pilot
Elliott Tiney and Rufus Hound

Part scripted comedy, part improvised performance, part social satire; Think Tank follows the work and lives of three 'market researchers' and the absurd products, policies and ideas they test.

The scripted comedy element is integrated seamlessly with sequences in which real people are asked to focus group the products and policies without knowing that they are actually made up.

What will 'white van man' make of the new government plan to link up sat navs with sex offenders register so they will 'always know where they are'? And what will the WI make of do-it-yourself cost saving 'Pet Heaven' Euthanasia products?

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Part of

E4 Comedy 2008

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 14th August 2008 on E4 at 11:25pm
Episode length
15 minutes