Don't Bother To Knock. Image shows from L to R: Stella (June Thorburn), Bill Ferguson (Richard Todd). Copyright: Haileywood Films.

Don't Bother To Knock

Don't Bother To Knock

Romantic entanglements ensue as a travel agent attempts to become engaged to his long-term girlfriend despite having a string of women at his flat

Richard Todd, Nicole Maurey, Elke Sommer, June Thorburn, Rik Battaglia, Judith Anderson, Dawn Beret, Scot Finch and others
Clifford Hanley, Denis Cannan and Frederic Gotfurt
Cyril Frankel
Frank Godwin and Richard Todd

Edinburgh travel agent Bill Ferguson heads on a continental holiday after a falling out with his tempestuous girlfriend Stella, to whom he intended to propose marriage.

Whilst away he receives news that Stella has become engaged to another man, and so doesn't hold back from finding a few flings of his own! In turn, he gives each woman his address and one of a number of spare keys a friend gave him as a joke present before he left home - but fairly understandably assumes he'll never see any of them again.

However, Bill's holiday is cut short when a phone call seals his reunion with and long-awaited engagement to Stella. He heads back to Edinburgh immediately, but it quickly transpires that his flat is not as vacant as he'd expected!

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