British Comedy Guide

Shane Allen

TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2017 BucketCommissioner
2017 Our Friend VictoriaCommissioner
2017 Decline And FallCommissioner
2017 Decline And FallExecutive Producer
2017 Luisa Omielan's What Would Beyoncé Do?!Commissioner
2017 Common SenseCommissioner
2017 Ill BehaviourCommissioner
2016 PumpedCommissioner
2016 FleabagCommissioner
2016 Mum - Series 1Commissioner
2016 Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle - Series 1Commissioner
2016 Stop/StartCommissioner
2016 Peter Pan Goes WrongCommissioner
2016 The Entire UniverseCommissioner
2016 Nigel Farage Gets His Life BackCommissioner
2016 QuacksCommissioner
2015 Peter Kay: 20 Years Of FunnySelf
2014 Frankie Boyle's AutopsyCommissioner
2012 Full EnglishSexy Time
2011 The Inbetweeners MovieExecutive Producer
White GoldCommissioner
Hold The SunsetCommissioner
The Young OffendersCommissioner
Vic & Bob's Big Night OutCommissioner

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.