Shane Allen.

Shane Allen

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Is politics beyond satire?

Wednesday 29th March 2017

An article from the Royal Television Society magazine which inquires whether today's disruptive politics will foster a new golden age of British TV satire.


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The show that shaped me - Shane Allen: Father Ted

The subversive surrealism of Craggy Island taught the BBC head of comedy that the best ideas cannot be contained in a top-line pitch.

Shane Allen, Broadcast, 25th February 2019 Awards 2018 winners revealed

The public have voted Derry Girls as Best New TV Sitcom in the Awards 2018, with Inside No. 9 named Comedy Of The Year 2018 for the second year running. Other winners include Friday Night Dinner, Taskmaster and Vic & Bob's Big Night Out.

British Comedy Guide, 4th February 2019

Mash Report: 'comedy' more like Corbyn Party Political

Is there anything less funny than BBC comedy?

Charlotte Gill, Daily Mail, 16th December 2018

Andie MacDowell is the new Cuckoo in the Thompson nest

Hollywood star Andie MacDowell has been confirmed to replace Taylor Lautner in the new series of Cuckoo, which debuts on Friday 4th January 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 7th December 2018

In his new memoir, How to Produce Comedy Bronze, former BBC head of comedy Jon Plowman allows himself what he calls a "moany bit" about how the influence of his former department has declined at the corporation. "It's not the force in fun that it once was and this is partly because of competition but also because of the hours of comedy that have been lost on the main channels because, apparently, on the main channels people don't want to laugh any more," he says.

The Beeb's current head of comedy, Shane Allen, tends to put things more succinctly. At a BBC press presentation in April 2015, his distinctive Northern Irish tones could clearly be heard heckling then BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw as she was introducting her slate of dramas for the new season: "Drama's fucking shite. It's all dead kids."

Private Eye, 19th September 2018

Terry Gilliam on diversity

The film-maker weighs in on the controversy surrounding BBC comedy chief Shane Allen's comment about ''six Oxbridge white blokes'.

The Guardian, 4th July 2018

Enough silly walks from BBC comedy. New voices please

The head of the corporation's comedy department has promised us greater diversity. About time too .

Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian, 23rd June 2018

Not the Comedy Messiah - just a very naughty boy

Let's get one thing straight, neither 'white' nor 'Oxbridge' comedy is dead. It has not ceased to be, it has not expired, it is not ex-comedy.

Shane Allen, BBC, 22nd June 2018