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Hi Everyone
I'm Greg, I was first introduced to UK comedy at about the age of 5 via VHS and UKTV Gold (as it was then known) when I watched Only Fools and Horses and ever since then I have always loved different UK Comedy shows, new and old , both situation comedy and comedy-drama. I have over 150 British Comedy DVDs. I do have a varied mixed comedy taste as I do enjoy light family comedies (e.g. Mr Bean) but also enjoy very course adult humour too (e.g. Jimmy Carr). I love loads and loads of shows ranging from The Office to Miranda, it would take ages to list them all but my two favourite sitcoms are Only Fools & Horses and Fawlty Towers.

For those wondering who's Cat it is in my Avatar - it's my late Cat, Clyde. He was lovely but unfortunately after 15 years, Clyde sadly passed away in 2016 but his picture still remains my avatar as a tribute to him. I've spent many an evening with him on the sofa watching various sitcoms and television shows.

Favorite Stand Up's (in no particular order): Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, Micky Flanagan, Katherine Ryan, Lee Nelson (Simon Brodkin), Ricky Gervais, Alan Carr, Michael McIntyre, Al Murray "The Pub Landlord", Brendan O' Carroll, Chubby Brown and Jon Richardson, Joe Lycett, Jack Whitehall, Stephen Merchant (even though he's only done 1 tour!), Dave Spikey, Josh Widdicombe.

Stand-up comics and shows I have seen Live:
Lee Nelson (May 2013) - 2013 Live Tour
Jon Richardson (May 2014) - Nidiot Tour
Mrs Brown's Boys Live: How Now Mrs Brown Cow (March 2015)
Alan Carr (Sept 2015) - Yap Yap Yap Tour
Jimmy Carr (October 2015) - Funny Business Tour
Citizen Khan (May 2016) - They All Know Me! Tour
Lee Nelson: Work in Progress (October 2016)
Al Murray (November 2016) - Let's Go Backwards Together!
Catherine Tate (December 2016) - The Catherine Tate Show: Live!
Jimmy Carr (December 2016) - The Best of Ultimate, Gold Greatest Hits Tour
Jack Whitehall (February 2017) - At Large Tour
Mrs Brown's Boys Live: Good Mourning Mrs Brown (April 2017) -
Micky Flanagan (June 2017) - An' Another Fing Tour
Ricky Gervais (June 2017) - Humanity World Tour
Katherine Ryan (October 2017) - Glitter Room Tour
Lee Nelson (November 2017) Serious Joker Tour
Jimmy Carr (November 2017) The Best of Ultimate, Gold Greatest Hits Tour
Michael McIntyre (May 2018) Big World Tour
Benidorm Live (December 2018)
Jimmy Carr (May 2019) Terribly Funny Tour
Mrs Brown's Boys Live D'Musical (June 2019)
Only Fools And Boycie: An Evening With John Challis (November 2019)
Jack Whitehall: Stood Up (November 2019)
Alan Carr (June 2021) Not Again, Alan Tour (BOOKED)
Jimmy Carr (June 2021) Terribly Funny Tour (BOOKED)

Outside of Comedy, I do like Music. My favourite band is Madness who'm I've had the pleasure of seeing live 6 times (to date). Other artists I've seen live include Human League, The Stranglers, Hugh Cornwell, ABC, Simply Red, The Specials, Tears For Fears, Elton John (to name but a few). Again, music taste is very varied!

G180e (AKA: Greg)

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