Alice Lowe.

Alice Lowe

Alice Lowe is an English actor and comedy writer known for her role as Dr. Haynes in Charlie Brooker's dark comedy Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and for playing Madeleine Wool/Dr. Liz Asher in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. She also wrote, directed, and starred in the 2016 dark comedy Prevenge, about a pregnant woman on a killing spree, and wrote and starred in the 2012 film Sightseers, about a couple who travel around the country in a caravan.


Born in Coventry, England, Alice Lowe was educated at Kenilworth School and King's College, Cambridge. Her comedy career began when she co-wrote and performed in a series of surrealist, experimental theatre shows such as City Haunts, Snowbound, and Progress In Flying Machines alongside fellow comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Their work here was directed by Paul King, who has since directed Lowe in such works as The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

Soon she was part of the cast in Garth Marenghi's Fright Knight alongside Richard Ayoade and Matt Holness, who together were nominated for the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe in the year 2000. The year later, she performed in its sequel, Garth Marenghi's Netherhead, and in 2005 she returned to the Fringe with Moonjourney, a sci-fi themed Kate Bush spoof. Her work with the Garth Marenghi series led to a 2004 c]Channel 4[/c] sitcom Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, an inventive spoof of 1980s TV, about a doctor battling evil forces. Here she played Madeleine Wool/Dr. Liz Asher. In this same year she starred in BBC Three sitcom My Life In Film, alongside Kris Marshall and Andrew Scott, a show about a low-budget filmmaking who transforms everyday life into cinematic adventures.

Her other comedy credits in British television include Little Britain, Come Fly With Me, Beautiful People, The IT Crowd, Black Books, and and This Is Jinsy. She also had a recurring role on Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive, and in 2008 was part of the all-female comedy show Beehive, alongside Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Sarah Kendall and Clare Thomson.

In 2009, Lowe appeared alongside Steve Coogan on his Alan Partridge and Other Less Successful Characters tour, playing one of the supporting cast.

From 2011 to 2015 she wrote and starred in her own BBC Radio 4 sketch show, Alice's Wunderland, an absurdist and surrealist programme set in a world which is described as the Poundland of magical realms.

In the cinematic world, Lowe co-wrote the film Sightseers with Steve Oram, released in 2012. It follows a couple who travel across England in a caravan, but find to their dismay that the dream quickly goes sour. In 2017 Lowe also wrote and starred in her own part-improvised feature film, Prevenge, a jet-black comedy and "post-feminist revenge movie" about a pregnant woman who embarks upon a killing spree. While filming Prevenge, Lowe was herself pregnant, later giving birth to her daughter Della with partner Paul Synnott, a composer and broadcast technician. Moreover, Lowe has played minor roles in Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy of films, appearing in Hot Fuzz and The World's End.



  • Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2001 - Best Comedy Show: Winner
  • Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2000 - Best Comedy Show: Nominee
Sunday 3rd April 1977 (44 years-old)

Known for


Year Production Role
2021 Bloods - Series 1
  1. E6 - Childbirth
2021 Back - Series 2
  1. E6 - Episode Six
2021 Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break Brand New Kath
2021 Timestalker In Development Agnes
2021 Timestalker In Development Writer
2021 Timestalker In Development Director
2020 Eternal Beauty Alice
2020 Days Of The Bagnold Summer Carol
2020 Get Duked! Superintendent
2018 Hang Ups
  1. E6 - Episode Six
  2. E4 - Episode Four
  3. E1 - Episode One
Celia Cain
2018 Flowers - Series 2
  1. E4 - Episode Four
2017 Chubby Funny Susan
2017 Carters Get Rich
  1. E6 - Episode Six
Sue Gosling
2017 Prevenge Ruth
2017 Prevenge Writer
2017 Prevenge Director
2016 Burn Burn Burn Davina
2016 Adult Life Skills Alice
2016 Black Mountain Poets Lisa Walker
2015 Crackanory - Series 3
  1. E5 - The Truth About Suz & The Vexed Message
2015 Inside No. 9 - Series 2
  1. E6 - Séance Time
2015 Drunk History - Series 1
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
Rosalind Franklin
2015 Aaaaaaaah! Actor
2014 Paddington Geographers' Guild Receptionist
2014 Crackanory - Series 2
  1. E2 - Man's Best Friend & Return To Sender
2014 Crackanory - Series 2
  1. E1 - In Space No One Can Hear You Clean & The Weather Man
2014 Parents' Evening Miss Judy
2014 Horrible Histories - 2014 Specials Ensemble Actor
2014 This Is Jinsy - Series 2 Soosan Noop
2014 AmStarDam Roxy
2013 Alice's Wunderland - Series 2 Various
2013 Alice's Wunderland - Series 2 Writer
2013 Horrible Histories - Series 5 Ensemble Actor
2012 Sightseers Tina
2012 Sightseers Writer
2012 Horrible Histories - Series 4
  1. Special - Scary Special
Ensemble Actor
2012 Harry & Paul - Series 4 Ensemble Actor
2012 Alice's Wunderland - Series 1 Various
2012 Alice's Wunderland - Series 1 Writer
2011 This Is Jinsy - Series 1 Soosan Noop
2011 Horrible Histories With Stephen Fry Ensemble Actor
2011 Horrible Histories - Series 3 Ensemble Actor
2011 Alice's Wunderland - Pilot Various
2011 Alice's Wunderland - Pilot Writer
2010 Come Fly With Me
  1. E1 - Episode One
Young Mum
2010 Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas Ensemble Actor
2010 Harry & Paul - Series 3 Ensemble Actor
2010 Harry & Paul - Series 3
  1. E5 - Episode Five
Writer (Additional Material)
2010 Horrible Histories - Series 2 Ensemble Actor
2009 Beautiful People - Series 2
  1. E5 - How I Got My Turner
Stacey Bile
2009 LifeSpam: My Child Is French Various
2009 LifeSpam: My Child Is French Writer
2008 Beehive Various
2008 Beehive Writer
2008 Harry & Paul - Series 2 Ensemble Actor
2007 Angelo's Alicia
2007 Katy Brand's Big Ass Show - Series 1
  1. E6 - Episode Six
  2. E5 - Episode Five
  3. E4 - Episode Four
  4. E3 - Episode Three
  5. E2 - Episode Two
  6. E1 - Episode One
Ensemble Actor
2007 Deep Trouble - Series 2 Lieutenant Barry
2007 Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive - Series 2 Actor
2007 Harry & Paul - Series 1 - Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul Ensemble Actor
2007 Hot Fuzz Tina
2007 Under One Roof Ensemble Actor
2006 Ed Reardon's Week - Series 3 Ensemble Actor
2006 Pulling - Series 1
  1. E6 - Episode Six
2006 Man To Man With Dean Learner
  1. E4 - Merriman Weir Esq.
Ensemble Actor
2006 Star Stories - Series 1
  1. E4 - Guy Richie Presents A Guy Ritchie Film - The Wife's Life
2006 Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive - Series 1 Actor
2006 The Other Man Serena
2006 Snuff Box
  1. E2 - Matt's Diary
Ensemble Actor
2006 The IT Crowd - Series 1
  1. E3 - 50/50
2005 Ed Reardon's Week - Series 2 Ensemble Actor
2005 Mastering The Universe - Series 1
  1. E1 - The Workplace
Ensemble Actor
2005 The Mighty Boosh - Series 2
  1. E2 - The Priest And The Beast
2005 Ed Reardon's Week - Series 1 Ensemble Actor
2004 My Life In Film Beth
2004 Black Books - Series 3
  1. E5 - Travel Writer
2004 Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Madeleine Wool / Dr. Liz Asher
2004 My Life In Film Beth
Hush Various
Garth Marenghi's Netherhead Madeleine Wool
Garth Marenghi's Fright Knight Madeleine Wool

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