This Is Jinsy. Image shows from L to R: Maven (Justin Chubb), Sporall (Chris Bran). Copyright: The Welded Tandem Picture Company
This Is Jinsy

This Is Jinsy

  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic / BBC Three
  • 2010 - 2014
  • 17 episodes (2 series)

Surreal comedy set on a fictional island inhabited by a range of oddball characters. Created by Chris Bran and Justin Chubb. Stars Justin Chubb, Chris Bran, Alice Lowe, Geoffrey McGivern, Janine Duvitski and more.

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Series 1, Episode 2 - Cupboards

It's been ten days since the Great He last made contact, and Arbiter Maven is starting to worry.

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This Is Jinsy. Image shows from L to R: Eric Dunt (Peter Serafinowicz), Maven (Justin Chubb). Copyright: The Welded Tandem Picture Company

Fortunately, while undergoing a spot of personal grooming, Maven discovers a mysterious message hidden in his nasal hair trimmings that predicts a very important visitor will soon arrive on Jinsy. The note also claims the visitor will have something to do with doors.

As fate would have it, at that precise moment, seedy cupboard salesman Eric Dunt (Peter Serafinowicz) appears on the tessellator touting his second-rate wares - urging people to 'open the doors'. Convinced it's a sign from on high Maven encourages the entire population of Jinsy to descend on Doker's Quarry to give praise to their chosen one.

With the islanders now unexpectedly in his thrall, the conniving Dunt realises he can make a killing selling competitively priced storage solutions to his fanatical followers. As a cult of cupboards sweeps the land and crowds surge to get their hands on his flat packs, it seems nothing can stop Dunt, as he preaches a gospel of nuts, bolts and the importance of leaving wood glue to dry overnight.

It seems only Sporall is unconvinced by Dunt's credentials - he doesn't even have a beard after all. And when he spots the love of his life, Soosan, in bed with Eric, Sporall is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the cupboard phenomenon. Can he expose Dunt for what he really is or will his secret remain in the closet?

Continuing Jinsy's long-standing musical tradition, this episode features the outstanding ditty Types of Wood, performed by local folk dribbler Melody Lane.


The first broadcast of this episode got 40,800 viewers.

Broadcast details

Monday 19th September 2011
Sky Atlantic
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 20th September 2011 2:50am Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 20th September 2011 8:30pm Sky Atlantic
Saturday 24th September 2011 12:00am Sky Atlantic
Saturday 24th September 2011 11:15pm Sky Atlantic
Monday 26th September 2011 4:35am Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 20th December 2011 12:25am Sky Atlantic
Thursday 22nd December 2011 8:30pm Sky Atlantic
Monday 30th July 2012 11:05pm Sky Atlantic
Friday 3rd August 2012 2:20am Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 18th November 2014 2:15am Sky Atlantic
Wednesday 19th November 2014 1:55am Sky Atlantic
Thursday 20th November 2014 2:20am Sky Atlantic
Monday 1st December 2014 10:30am Sky Atlantic

Cast & crew

Justin Chubb Maven
Chris Bran Sporall
Alice Lowe Soosan Noop
Geoffrey McGivern (as Geoff McGivern) Trince
Janine Duvitski Mrs Goadion
David Hatton Tracee Henge
Harry Hill Joon Boolay
Jennifer Saunders Miss Reason (Voice)
Chris Bran Ensemble Actor
Justin Chubb Ensemble Actor
Angela Curran Ensemble Actor
Tim Downie Ensemble Actor
Emma Kennedy Ensemble Actor
Dave Mounfield (as David Mounfield) Ensemble Actor
Lizzie Roper Ensemble Actor
Guest cast
Peter Serafinowicz Eric Dunt
Writing team
Chris Bran Writer
Justin Chubb Writer
Emma Kennedy Script Editor
Production team
Matt Lipsey Director
James Dean Producer
Chris Carey Producer
Lucy Lumsden Executive Producer
Charlie Phillips Editor
Joe Randall-Cutler Editor
Nic Pallace Production Designer
Tim Bran Composer


Peter Serafinowicz's Hanging Space

Peter Serafinowicz stars in This is Jinsy as a rather persuasive cupboard salesman...

Featuring: Chris Bran (Sporall), Justin Chubb (Maven) & Peter Serafinowicz (Eric Dunt).

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