This Is Jinsy. Image shows from L to R: Maven (Justin Chubb), Sporall (Chris Bran). Copyright: The Welded Tandem Picture Company
This Is Jinsy

This Is Jinsy

  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic / BBC Three
  • 2010 - 2014
  • 17 episodes (2 series)

Surreal comedy set on a fictional island inhabited by a range of oddball characters. Created by Chris Bran and Justin Chubb. Stars Justin Chubb, Chris Bran, Alice Lowe, Geoffrey McGivern, Janine Duvitski and more.

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Series 1, Episode 7 - Zoop

With the pig postal system already causing him major stress, Maven is forced to deal with a renegade thrash-folk band and its enigmatic leader.

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This Is Jinsy. Maven (Justin Chubb). Copyright: The Welded Tandem Picture Company

It's hard to believe that a postal system, which consists of pigs delivering parcels by sniffing the scent of their recipients could possibly go wrong. Yet that is the situation facing Maven. There have been incorrect deliveries all week, leaving Jinsy's arbiter with a porky problem that could take all night to solve.

But while Maven is planning to slave the night away in the Tower, his assistant Sporall is heading to the Moosic Tavern, where folk-thrash band, Mool Perpya, are set to perform. Dressed in wicker masks and led by mysterious rock god The Zoop, the band epitomise cool on Jinsy. The same can't be said of Maven, however, after his impromptu arrival at the tavern only elicits laughter and derision. Perhaps it has something to do with his flared safari suit and Cuban heels combo.

But the laughs don't last long. Maven promptly bans the band under a sub-section of the Ear Protection Charter. With that problem solved, he's free to turn his attention to the post office, where kindly postmistress Mrs Oon (Marcia Warren) seems frustratingly indifferent to his postal concerns. While waiting to speak to Oon, however, Maven discovers Mool Perpya are planning an illegal gig at Doker's Quarry, and goes into a tailspin. Perhaps some of Mrs Oon's special 'something and apricot' soup will calm him down. Then again, given its psychedelic properties, perhaps it won't.

With their arbiter as high as a kite and the illegal concert in full swing, the people of Jinsy are in a state of revelry. But nothing can prepare them for what's to come, as Maven takes to the stage to give the performance of a lifetime. It may not be pretty, but it's guaranteed to boil your ears...

The Voice of Miss Reason (Jennifer Saunders) is a familiar sound to all 791 of Jinsy's residents, making regular announcements via the tessellators. Whether it's the declaration of a jumper amnesty or warnings of a severe hotwave hitting the island, she keeps locals in the loop about island life.

Broadcast details

Monday 24th October 2011
Sky Atlantic
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 25th October 2011 8:00pm Sky Atlantic
Friday 28th October 2011 11:30pm Sky Atlantic
Saturday 29th October 2011 10:15pm Sky Atlantic
Sunday 30th October 2011 10:50pm Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 1st November 2011 8:00pm Sky Atlantic
Thursday 22nd December 2011 11:00pm Sky Atlantic
Sunday 1st January 2012 4:40am Sky Atlantic
Monday 3rd September 2012 10:30pm Sky Atlantic
Thursday 6th September 2012 11:30pm Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 2nd December 2014 10:00am Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 23rd December 2014 1:15am Sky Atlantic
Wednesday 24th December 2014 2:20am Sky Atlantic
Thursday 25th December 2014 1:25am Sky Atlantic
Monday 5th January 2015 1:40am Sky Atlantic

Cast & crew

Justin Chubb Maven
Chris Bran Sporall
Alice Lowe Soosan Noop
Geoffrey McGivern (as Geoff McGivern) Trince
Janine Duvitski Mrs Goadion
Jennifer Saunders Miss Reason (Voice)
Chris Bran Ensemble Actor
Justin Chubb Ensemble Actor
Angela Curran Ensemble Actor
Tim Downie Ensemble Actor
Emma Kennedy Ensemble Actor
Dave Mounfield (as David Mounfield) Ensemble Actor
Lizzie Roper Ensemble Actor
Adam Gillen Ensemble Actor
Guest cast
Marcia Warren Mrs Oon
Johnny Hartland-Smith Axe Murderer
Grace Carey Little Girl
Writing team
Chris Bran Writer
Justin Chubb Writer
Emma Kennedy Script Editor
Production team
Matt Lipsey Director
James Dean Producer
Chris Carey Producer
Lucy Lumsden Executive Producer
Charlie Phillips Editor
Joe Randall-Cutler Editor
Nic Pallace Production Designer
Tim Bran Composer


This is Jinsy - Soup of the Gods

Maven, tripping out on soup, ends up singing on stage.

Featuring: Justin Chubb (Maven).

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