Horrible Histories. Image shows from L to R: Gemma Whelan, Ryan Sampson, Tom Stourton
Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories

  • TV sketch show
  • CBBC / BBC One
  • 2009 - 2022
  • 125 episodes (9 series)

Hit sketch show based on surprising facts from world history, inspired by the hit children's book series. Stars Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Ben Willbond, Mathew Baynton, Martha Howe-Douglas and more.

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Series 3, Episode 1

Today's show features an annoying French prankster from the Middle Ages, and more.

Further details

Horrible Histories. Jim Howick. Copyright: Lion Television / Citrus Television

Witness bizarre Aztec food on Historical Masterchef, see how not to impress a woman in Victorian times and discover what happened when Queen Elizabeth I's toilets were cleaned.

Dick Turpin hits the high notes as the life of the highwayman is sung in the style of Adam Ant, and a song from the First World War extols the virtues of fat.

Broadcast details

Monday 30th May 2011
30 minutes


  1. Monday 6th June 2022 at 10:45am on CBBC

Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Tuesday 31st May 2011 9:30am CBBC
Tuesday 31st May 2011 2:55pm CBBC
Thursday 2nd June 2011 4:30pm BBC1
Saturday 4th June 2011 9:00am CBBC
Saturday 4th June 2011 2:10pm CBBC
Sunday 5th June 2011 2:35pm CBBC
Thursday 23rd June 2011 4:30pm BBC2
Saturday 16th July 2011 2:00pm CBBC
Tuesday 26th July 2011 11:05am CBBC
Thursday 11th August 2011 8:05am CBBC
Wednesday 28th September 2011 7:45am CBBC
Wednesday 19th October 2011 6:20pm CBBC
Monday 19th December 2011 5:30pm CBBC
Wednesday 15th February 2012 12:25pm CBBC
Monday 16th April 2012 7:45am CBBC
Saturday 26th May 2012 2:05pm CBBC
Monday 30th July 2012 7:30am BBC2
Wednesday 29th August 2012 5:45pm CBBC
Tuesday 13th November 2012 7:45am CBBC
Saturday 15th December 2012 3:00pm CBBC
Sunday 21st April 2013 8:55am CBBC
Tuesday 8th October 2013 7:45am CBBC
Sunday 27th July 2014 1:25pm CBBC
Monday 15th September 2014 4:30pm CBBC
Wednesday 1st April 2015 5:45pm CBBC
Monday 21st December 2015 9:30am CBBC
Tuesday 17th May 2016 7:00pm CBBC
Saturday 27th August 2016 8:00pm CBBC
Tuesday 6th September 2016 7:00pm CBBC
Monday 13th February 2017 7:00pm CBBC
Wednesday 19th April 2017 7:00pm CBBC
Wednesday 24th May 2017 7:00pm CBBC
Sunday 2nd July 2017 9:30am CBBC
Sunday 2nd July 2017 5:30pm CBBC
Monday 3rd July 2017 10:00am CBBC
Monday 3rd July 2017 2:40pm CBBC
Saturday 8th July 2017 4:25pm CBBC
Wednesday 19th July 2017 2:35pm CBBC
Thursday 20th July 2017 10:00am CBBC
Wednesday 29th November 2017 7:00pm CBBC
Saturday 6th January 2018 11:20am CBBC
Friday 20th April 2018 4:30pm CBBC
Monday 25th June 2018 9:30am CBBC
Monday 25th June 2018 7:00pm CBBC
Friday 14th December 2018 7:00pm CBBC
Wednesday 30th January 2019 7:00pm CBBC
Monday 6th May 2019 8:50am CBBC
Tuesday 28th May 2019 7:00pm CBBC
Thursday 8th August 2019 7:00pm CBBC
Monday 30th September 2019 7:00pm CBBC
Saturday 23rd May 2020 8:30pm CBBC
Monday 7th September 2020 6:45pm CBBC
Monday 4th January 2021 9:45am CBBC
Sunday 30th May 2021 7:10pm CBBC
Saturday 24th July 2021 2:05pm CBBC
Saturday 31st July 2021 5:05pm CBBC
Saturday 27th November 2021 4:30pm CBBC
Monday 21st February 2022 3:00pm CBBC
Sunday 3rd April 2022 1:40pm CBBC

Cast & crew

Jim Howick Various
Simon Farnaby Various
Ben Willbond Various
Mathew Baynton Various
Martha Howe-Douglas Various
Laurence Rickard Various
Jon Culshaw Various (Voice)
Jess Robinson Various (Voice)
Alice Lowe Ensemble Actor
Rhashan Stone Ensemble Actor
John Eccleston Rattus Rattus
Writing team
Colin Swash Writer
Dave Cohen Writer
Ben Ward Writer
Laurence Rickard Writer
Giles Pilbrow Writer
Rosanna Lowe Writer
Production team
Steve Connelly Director
Dominic Brigstocke Director
Caroline Norris Series Producer
Giles Pilbrow Producer
Imogen Cooper Producer
Richard Bradley Executive Producer
Alison Gregory Executive Producer
Nigel Williams Editor
Mike Holliday Editor
Miranda Jones Production Designer
Richie Webb Composer

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