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Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse

  • TV sitcom
  • CBBC
  • 2015 - 2019
  • 97 episodes (2 series)

Reboot of the classic cartoon series, with Alexander Armstrong as the voice of Danger Mouse and Kevin Eldon as Penfold. Also features Dave Lamb, Stephen Fry, Shauna MacDonald, Ed Gaughan, Marc Silk and Morwenna Banks

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Series 2, Episode 27 - Clash Of The Odd-Esy

Danger Mouse arrives in ancient Greece and befriends Zeus who grants him godly powers.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 19th September 2018
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Wednesday 7th November 2018 7:25am CBBC
Thursday 8th November 2018 6:00pm CBBC
Thursday 31st January 2019 7:25am CBBC
Sunday 28th April 2019 7:25am CBBC
Thursday 1st August 2019 7:25am CBBC
Monday 4th November 2019 7:25am CBBC
Friday 28th February 2020 7:25am CBBC
Sunday 28th June 2020 7:20am CBBC
Wednesday 15th July 2020 3:10pm CBBC
Wednesday 25th November 2020 7:20am CBBC
Friday 29th January 2021 12:10pm CBBC
Sunday 21st February 2021 7:05pm CBBC
Monday 12th April 2021 7:10am CBBC
Saturday 15th May 2021 7:10am CBBC
Thursday 17th June 2021 7:10am CBBC
Friday 18th June 2021 4:45pm CBBC
Sunday 20th June 2021 6:25pm CBBC
Tuesday 29th June 2021 12:05pm CBBC
Tuesday 7th September 2021 12:05pm CBBC
Thursday 7th October 2021 7:10am CBBC
Tuesday 2nd November 2021 4:45pm CBBC
Monday 8th November 2021 11:40am CBBC
Wednesday 10th November 2021 7:10am CBBC
Sunday 14th November 2021 7:15am CBBC
Wednesday 19th January 2022 12:05pm CBBC
Saturday 22nd January 2022 4:40pm CBBC
Monday 24th January 2022 7:10am CBBC
Sunday 30th January 2022 11:40am CBBC
Monday 7th February 2022 4:30pm CBBC
Saturday 19th February 2022 1:40pm CBBC
Thursday 17th March 2022 12:05pm CBBC
Tuesday 5th April 2022 7:00am CBBC
Monday 18th April 2022 4:30pm CBBC
Saturday 14th May 2022 7:20am CBBC
Wednesday 18th May 2022 12:05pm CBBC
Tuesday 14th June 2022 7:10am CBBC
Tuesday 19th July 2022 7:00am CBBC
Wednesday 10th August 2022 3:15pm CBBC
Monday 17th October 2022 7:05am CBBC
Sunday 23rd October 2022 2:10pm CBBC
Sunday 30th October 2022 7:10am CBBC
Wednesday 2nd November 2022 3:50pm CBBC
Friday 20th January 2023 12:05pm CBBC
Wednesday 22nd February 2023 3:40pm CBBC
Monday 27th March 2023 3:40pm CBBC
Tuesday 16th May 2023 7:05am CBBC
Wednesday 17th May 2023 12:10pm CBBC
Sunday 21st May 2023 1:40pm CBBC
Wednesday 12th July 2023 12:05pm CBBC
Wednesday 19th July 2023 3:25pm CBBC
Sunday 20th August 2023 7:10am CBBC
Sunday 27th August 2023 1:55pm CBBC
Thursday 31st August 2023 7:05am CBBC
Monday 25th September 2023 12:30pm CBBC
Friday 27th October 2023 11:25am CBBC
Sunday 12th November 2023 1:55pm CBBC
Wednesday 15th November 2023 3:30pm CBBC
Friday 29th December 2023 7:10am CBBC
Monday 22nd January 2024 12:20pm CBBC
Saturday 16th March 2024 7:10am CBBC
Thursday 28th March 2024 12:45pm CBBC

Cast & crew

Alexander Armstrong Danger Mouse (Voice)
Kevin Eldon Penfold (Voice)
Dave Lamb The Narrator (Voice)
Stephen Fry Colonel K (Voice)
Shauna MacDonald Professor Squawkencluck (Voice)
Ed Gaughan Baron Greenback (Voice)
Dave Lamb Stiletto (Voice)
Ed Gaughan Pandaminion (Voice)
Guest cast
Rasmus Hardiker Count Duckula (Voice)
Morwenna Banks Danger Moth (Voice)
Ed Gaughan Various (Voice)
Kayvan Novak Professor Isambard King Kong Brunel (Voice)
Matt Jones Zeus (Voice)
Writing team
Laura Conway Script Editor
Andrew Burrell Head Writer
Elliott Palmer Assistant Script Editor
Andrew Burrell Writer
Merrill Hagan Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Aidan McAteer Director
Mark Kilkelly Animation Director
Simon Nelson Voice Director
Peter Lewis Series Producer
Bob Higgins Executive Producer
Chapman Maddox Executive Producer
Tim Searle Executive Producer
Sanj Sen Composer

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