Danger Mouse. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Danger Mouse

CBBC sitcom a secret agent mouse. 99 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2019. Stars Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Dave Lamb, Stephen Fry and others.

Series 2, Episode 26 is repeated tomorrow at 7:20am.

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse. Danger Mouse. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is he? The world's greatest secret agent who wants to save the world.

Description: Small but perfectly formed white rodent with a debonair attitude.

Catchphrase: "Penfold, shush" or "Good grief".

Gadgets: This series, Danger Mouse has an i-patch.


Voiced by: Kevin Eldon
Danger Mouse. Penfold. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is he? Danger Mouse's trusty sidekick.

Description: Hapless hamster.

Catchphrase: "Crumbs, DM" or "Coming, chief".

Colonel K

Voiced by: Stephen Fry
Danger Mouse. Colonel K. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is he? He's an unflappable rock who is the head of the British Secret Service, making him Danger Mouse and Penfold's boss.

Description: Elderly pompous secret agent chinchilla.

Catchphrase: "Ah, DM! Good show!" or "Over and out".

Did you know? Colonel K is also the Chairman of the Willesden Green Amateur Flower Arranging and Operatic Society.

Professor Squawkencluck

Voiced by: Shauna MacDonald
Danger Mouse. Professor Squawkencluck. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is she? She is the chicken niece of the professor in the previous Danger Mouse series.

Description: At work, she's a quintessential unflappable stiff, formal British lab scientist but on occasions she is totally flappable!

Catchphrase: "No, Danger Mouse!".

Baron Greenback

Voiced by: Ed Gaughan
Danger Mouse. Baron Greenback. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is he? Danger Mouse's arch enemy.

Description: A mountain of a toad who is determined to become 'king of the world'. Greenback is selfish, malicious and mean-spirited.

Catchphrase: "Mwah, ha ha" or "Pay me the sum of all the money in the world".

Professor Strontium Jellyfishowitz

Voiced by: Richard Osman

Who is he? Leader of Earth's scientists.

Description: A jellyfish in a motorized fishtank, Professor Strontium P Jellyfishowitz is the smartest scientist on Earth. He has no face, but there is a pair of half-eye glasses stuck to the front of his tank. Not only is he smart, but he can also give a hell of a sting.

Count Duckula (Series 1)

Voiced by: Rasmus Hardiker

Who is he? Fame-obsessed, vegetarian, Transylvanian, entertain-ian, vampire Duck!

Description: Fourth-wall-breaking villain determined to become the most famous person in the Danger Mouse universe.

Dr Augustus P Crumhorn III (Series 1)

Voiced by: John Oliver

Who is he? Evil head of Crumcorps.

Description: Tech-savvy, multi-trillionaire who owns 98 per cent of everything, and happily abuses his position to take what he wants.


Voiced by: Dave Lamb

Who is he? Greenback's henchman.

Description: He's the Baron's crow lackey and is 100 percent loyal.

Catchphrase: "Si, Barone".

Queen of Weevils (Series 1)

Who is she? Personification of ancient evil magic and big-time Diva.

Description: Previously trapped in a magical prison for thousands of years but now Danger Mouse, through his daftness, has released her and she's determined to turn the world into her evil magical realm once again.

Catchphrase: "The time of false magic is over!"

Pink Dawn

Voiced by: Morwenna Banks

Who is she? Spoilt supervillain, AKA 'The Princess'.

Description: Petulant spoilt girl Dawn was turned into the super arch-villain The Princess after an accident with personality-amplifying mind gel in Professor Squawkencluck's lab. Her superpower is to turn things pink, and to bring toys to life. We find out late in the series that she's the daughter of multi-trillionaire ultra-villain Augustus P Crumhorn IV.

Catchphrase: "Play with me OR ELSE!"

Danger Moth (Series 1)

Voiced by: Morwenna Banks

Who is she? The number two Danger Agent in the Agency.

Description: A highly trained flying Danger Agent whose skills are legendary. She is a great friend of Danger Mouse and Penfold and would drop anything to help them. Her skills and help are, however, often compromised by the fact that she is easily distracted by bright lights.

Catchphrase: Danger Moth ready for... ooo a light bulb!

Jeopardy Mouse

Voiced by: Lena Headey
Danger Mouse. Jeopardy Mouse. Copyright: FremantleMedia.

Who is she? Super-smart, super-talented, no-nonsense UK counterpart to Danger Mouse.

Description: Operating out of a cool secret apartment in New York, Jeopardy is an uber-professional secret agent who, unlike DM, is actually secret. She gets the job done with minimum fuss. Unfortunately, DM brings out her competitive side, and their verbal and action sparring often spills out of control and leaves them both considerably off mission.