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Danger Mouse

CBBC sitcom a secret agent mouse. 99 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2019. Stars Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Dave Lamb, Stephen Fry and others.

Series 1, Episode 49 is repeated today at 2:55pm.

Series 2

1. Dark Dawn

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th June 2017

Pink Dawn's henchman teddy bear Snuggles is on an angry rampage. He is zapping cuddly toys, bringing them to life as rage-filled criminals.

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2. The Admirable Penfold

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th June 2017

The greatest secret agent and his clumsy sidekick continue their fight against Baron Greenback.

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3. Colonel Danger Mouse

First broadcast: Monday 4th September 2017

When Colonel K disappears on a free holiday, Danger Mouse pulls rank and assumes the mantle of caretaker Colonel.

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4. Ernest Penfold And The Half-Price Wand

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th September 2017

The streets of are London teeming with hundreds of wannabe wizards, all brandishing identical wands. After discovering that the wands are mass-produced shavings from Merlin's legendary staff, DM and Penfold set out to stop Quark's latest money-making scheme by reuniting the staff with its rightful owner.

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5. Squawkenbard Kingcluck Brunel

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th September 2017

When King Kong Brunel suggests that the Professor's success is all due to her privileged life as Danger Agency lab technician with scientist parents, an irked Squawk uses Brunel's Cow Trainer to swap bodies with him in order to show that she could be just as successful in his shoes.

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6. Live And Let Cry

First broadcast: Thursday 7th September 2017

Having put the Danger Babies through their paces, Professor Squawkencluck leaves it to Danger Mouse to settle them down with a nice soothing story.

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7. Lost Tempers In Space

First broadcast: Friday 8th September 2017

Danger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse find themselves stranded on a far-flung planet inhabited by Fly People.

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8. The Toad Who Would Be King

First broadcast: Monday 11th September 2017

Danger Mouse and Baron von Greenback are forced to unite when their paths collide over the kidnapping of the Queen of Goldlandia and her daughter, Delilah.

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9. I Believe In Danger Mouse

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Danger Mouse gains a following of crazed felines - but it's not all good news!

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10. Thanksgiving Sinner

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th September 2017

Danger Mouse and Penfold receive a crash course in the customs of America's oldest holiday when they cover for Jeopardy Mouse as she takes time off for Thanksgiving.

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11. Big Trouble In Little Clowntown

First broadcast: Thursday 14th September 2017

When Professor Squawkencluck's Seriousizer ray is nabbed by Pompom, Danger Mouse teams up with his clown-shaped Bozorian equivalent, Cupcake.

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12. Quantum Of Rudeness

First broadcast: Friday 15th September 2017

Danger Mouse creates a rather rude villain.

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13. A Loo To A Kill

First broadcast: Monday 18th September 2017

Filming has begun for Danger Mouse: The Movie! Scarlet Johamster has been cast as Penfold while Danger Mouse is apparently the only one 'great enough' to take on the title role.

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14. Roll Of The Mice

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th September 2017

The last thing DM would normally want to do is play a boring board game, but when one arrives in the post, it releases knockout gas and he's surprised to wake up in the town of Greenback.

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15. Gold Flinger

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th September 2017

Quark tricks Danger Mouse into transporting a ticking timebomb back to earth.

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16. There's Something About Scarlett

First broadcast: Thursday 21st September 2017

Moments after landing himself a date with Scarlett Johamster, Danger Mouse and the Professor pounce on Penfold with conflicting advice on how to woo his new world-famous love interest.

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17. Groundmouse Day

First broadcast: Friday 22nd September 2017

Penfold and Danger Mouse are testing the security system at the British Cheese Museum when a temporal glitch strikes and the pair discover the museum's prized pink parmesan has somehow vanished.

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18. Dry Hard

First broadcast: Monday 25th September 2017

A late night scary movie makes Penfold even extra-jittery, forcing Danger Mouse to make his sidekick sit out the latest mission to stop the Baron from flooding the entire world.

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19. Day Of The Derek

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th September 2017

Danger Mouse is in the midst of foiling Quark's latest plot, which involves auctioning off the nice bits of the world and compact crushing the rest...

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20. Crumfan

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th September 2017

After reports of unexplained unruliness at the UN, Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive to scenes of quarrelling diplomats.

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21. Nero Come Home

First broadcast: Thursday 28th September 2017

On seeing his adopted goldfish get busted for stealing top-secret documents, Penfold bewails the fact he has never had a pet of his own to love.

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22. Dark Side Of The Mouse

First broadcast: Friday 29th September 2017

If being zapped with a mind-controlling Mindzooka ray by a couple of D-list villains wasn't bad enough, Danger Mouse's shame goes viral thanks to a series of embarrassing videos of our brainwashed hero.

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23. The Scare Mouse Project

First broadcast: Tuesday 31st October 2017

Colonel K spins a terrifying tale about the Headless Postman - an ancient and alarmingly scary apparition.

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Christmas Special: Yule Only Watch Twice

First broadcast: Friday 15th December 2017

Danger Mouse and Penfold's friendship comes under scrutiny in this double-length Christmas episode.

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25. Twysted Sister

First broadcast: Monday 17th September 2018

When a teenage Squawk goes on the rampage, DM summons her Twistyverse counterpart to talk some sense into her. But he overlooks one vital thing - a twisty Squawk is an evil Squawk!


26. Grand Stressed Auto

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th September 2018

Danger Mouse inherits the ancient but spritely MK3 car after the beloved MK4 gets jammed-up. But Penfold is suspicious when the MK3 is determined to have DM all to himself.


27. Clash Of The Odd-Esy

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th September 2018

Danger Mouse arrives in ancient Greece and befriends Zeus who grants him godly powers.


28. Hen-Emy Of The State

First broadcast: Thursday 20th September 2018

Danger Mouse is left gadget-less when an unappreciated Squawk leaves the Danger Agency to work for tech genius Elon Muskrat.


29. For Your Insides Only

First broadcast: Friday 21st September 2018

Penfold takes a trip inside Danger Mouse's body to save him from a deadly aversion to his own heroism.


30. A Fistful Of Penfolds

First broadcast: Monday 24th September 2018

The danger agents are at Squawk's super secret wild-west testing facility, home to a society of Penbots, robots who have a rather familiar face.

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31. Daylight Savings Crime

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th September 2018

Danger Mouse and Penfold are celebrating another noisy victory, gleefully ringing Big Ben's bell when an over-excited Penfold falls, pushing the clock hand forward, causing the sun to go down prematurely.

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32. The Law Of Beverages

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th September 2018

Baron Greenback brews a plot to steal every beverage on the planet, mix them all together, making an un-drinkable disgusting sludge.

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33. Licence To Care

First broadcast: Thursday 27th September 2018

A mishap on a mission leaves Danger Mouse confused - why is Penfold not talking to him?

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34. Force Of Nature

First broadcast: Friday 28th September 2018

Danger Mouse's over-reliance on gadgets prompts Colonel K to send his top agent on a tech-free nature retreat.

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35. No More Mr Ice Guy

First broadcast: Monday 1st October 2018

The Snowman is hired as Danger Mouse's new sidekick, leaving Penfold without a job.


36. Bot Battles

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd October 2018

There's relief all around when Penfold's pilfering of Squawk's gadgets and clandestine late night trips to shady warehouses turns out to preparation for his taking part in 'bot battles'.

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37. Rodent Recall

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Danger Mouse and Penfold are in a training simulation when one of DM's flying kicks damages the holodeck with catastrophic consequences.

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Special: A Fear To Remember

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st October 2018

Danger Mouse faces the Queen of Weevils in a fearful Halloween special.


Christmas Special: Melted

First broadcast: Monday 17th December 2018

The world's greatest secret agent Danger Mouse is on song once again, in this Christmas double-length musical special of the high-octane, action-packed animated adventures.

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40. We Aren't Family

First broadcast: Monday 18th February 2019

Danger Mouse finds himself in a dance-off to win back one of Squawk's deadly inventions.


41. Crouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th February 2019

Penfold is summoned by his Granny to help retrieve the stolen book of Farm Fu.


42. Danger-Thon

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th February 2019

The Danger agents hold a telethon to raise funds for HQ.


43. Jam Session

First broadcast: Thursday 21st February 2019

A jam spillage in the professor's experiment brings a sticky surprise to life.


44. Sharp As A Pin

First broadcast: Monday 25th February 2019

An accidental sidekick swap leaves Danger Mouse with Pinfold, Penfold's cousin.


45. The Last Giraffe Warrior

First broadcast: Tuesday 26th February 2019

Penfold is asked to defend an alien planet from invasion.


46. Duplicate Mouse

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th February 2019

Danger Mouse teams up with a duplicate team of Danger Agents to stop Big Head.


47. The Supies

First broadcast: Thursday 28th February 2019

Duckula is hosting The Supies awards show and the danger agents are all in attendance.


48. Lost In Exaggeration

First broadcast: Monday 4th March 2019

Quark's Exaggerator device makes Danger Mouse fame-mouse.


49. The World Is Full Of Stuff

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th March 2019

Penfold disappears when stuff all over the world goes missing.


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