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  • TV panel show
  • BBC Two / BBC One / BBC Four
  • 2003 - 2024
  • 312 episodes (21 series)

Panel game that contains lots of difficult questions and a large amount of quite interesting facts. Stars Sandi Toksvig, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

  • Resumes at the end of March
  • Series U, Episode 9 repeated at 10:15pm on BBC2 Wales
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 468

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Series A, Episode 9 - Antelopes



- A "Bongo" is type of antelope.

- The bongo player in T. Rex was called Steve Peregrin Took.

- In South Africa, the pastime of Bokdrol Spoeg involves spitting the dung of Kudu, a type of antelope.

- Alexander the Great was short, left-handed, epileptic, Albanian and bisexual. He introduced the banana, crucifixion, sugar, cotton and the ring-necked parakeet to Europe. He washed his hair in saffron, was embalmed in honey when he died, and was taught by Aristotle.

- Aristotle claimed that files have four legs and mucus was brain matter.

- "Auricle" is another name for the ear.

- Vincent Van Gogh, after cutting off half of his ear, presented to the prostitute who had spurned his love for her.

- Snakes do not have ears.

- The okapi can clean its own ear with its tongue.

- The "Ear-like growths" discovered by Galileo were the rings of Saturn.

General Ignorance

- The first King of England was Athelstan, who reigned between 924-939. (Forfeit: Alfred the Great)

- Aristotle claimed hedgehogs made love face-to-face, with the female lying on her back. (Forfeit: Very carefully)

- The most dangerous animal in history is the mosquito, killing around half the people who have ever lived.

- The Lords of Shouting are angels who sing to God every morning, according to Judaism.

- Samson's hair was cut off by a servant of Delilah. (Forfeit: Delilah)


- Dave Gorman: 20 points
- Jo Brand and Jeremy Hardy: 15 points
- Alan Davies: 10 points


This episode is also known as Africa.

Broadcast details

Thursday 6th November 2003
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Stephen Fry Host / Presenter
Alan Davies Regular Panellist
Guest cast
Jeremy Hardy Guest
Jo Brand Guest
Dave Gorman Guest
Writing team
Samantha Ball Researcher
Adam Jacot de Boinod Researcher
Sophie Johnstone Researcher
Molly Oldfield Researcher
Production team
Ian Lorimer Director
John Lloyd Producer
Phil Clarke Executive Producer
Nick King Editor
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Howard Goodall Composer

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